The Life and Times of Yoshi

This past Sunday brought us a fairly major landmark for the year in gaming in a brand new iteration of the Super Mario series. Super Mario Galaxy 2 hit store shelves, and from several accounts, it is pretty stinking good.

In honor of the game’s release, which now includes Yoshi, it seems that Nintendo has put together a little bit of nostalgia mining in the form of this Yoshi tribute video. It recounts his appearance in every game he’s been in, from Super Mario World through the Sonic Olympics. If you are into these games, it is certainly worth the watch.

So, who’s getting or has already played Super Mario Galaxy 2?

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3 thoughts on “The Life and Times of Yoshi”

  1. Juuust talked to my friend who works at HMV about this today. Gonna be picking up my copy this week, and I gotta say I’m pretty excited.

  2. I pre-ordered SMG2 over the weekend, so I should be getting it sometime this weekend. I expect to have lots of fun.

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