Halo: Reach – The Good, The Badass, The Ugly

Much to my chagrin, the Halo: Reach beta officially terminated as of last week, taking with it something that I found to be a great joy and a huge tease for the full release of the game, which is now confirmed to be September 14. As a bit of a Halo fanboy, I simply can not wait for this game, and I found the multiplayer to be everything I’ve loved about previous Halo games and then more when it came to gameplay.

Well, lucky for those of us feeling nostalgic about something that is just a week past, Bungie put together a little video tribute of Halo: Reach moments: The Good, The Badass, The Ugly. I should go ahead and spoil some of it for you and say that the elite bailing from the banshee and then using the jetpack to fly to safety is one of the coolest clips I’ve seen.

What are you waiting for? See for yourselves. Also, who participated in the beta, and who’s for sure getting the game when it drops this September?


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5 thoughts on “Halo: Reach – The Good, The Badass, The Ugly”

  1. I played the hell out of it, I think I racked up about 220 games and maximum rank, not to mention most of the armor. Those two weeks: Life<Reach.

  2. Can’t believe I have to wait until September to Lock Block some fools.

    Pretty sure I have to fly across Canada to go to a wedding on the 14th, too. Darn.


  3. I’m buying a New XBOX360 this week. Unfortunately, I missed playing the beta at home, but it’s a definite pick up.

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