Great Moments in Video Game Music: Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission

Mitch recommended this one to me and with a careful listen, it only took about halfway through before I decided I loved it. I’m going to go ahead and assume that this song plays during some sort of mission that might be a tad bit dangerous. The quiet opening leads to a bombastic theme that kind of reminds me of the Saw theme, but in a good, sci-fi sort of way. Thanks for the advice, Mitch and enjoy this one, everybody.


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7 thoughts on “Great Moments in Video Game Music: Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission”

  1. Nice! I listen to this one quite often on my iPod and it always gives me chills (the part in the game where the song takes place is absolutely epic).

  2. [quote comment=”11486″]Mass Effect 2 did have a kick ass soundtrack

    Here is my suggestion for the next Great Moment in Video Game Music. I think you will all agree that this “takes the cake” for the best song in a video game ever.
    Haha I knew that that would be it before I even clicked on it. I don’t know, that song was pretty awesome at first but it seems to have worn out its welcome.

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