GamerSushi Asks: What Developer Should Make A Lost Game?

Well, this is it, people. The final episode of Lost is airing as I type this. Having only seen the first episode, I am kind of regretting now watching the damn thing, but I’m sure someone will be kind enough to let me borrow the DVDs one day.

With that said, I know there has already been one crappy Lost game, which should have stayed lost from what I hear (nyuck, nyuck), but I wanted to know what developer out there that you guys think would make a good game that would stay true to the series and still be fun?

Bethesda? Imagine an Oblivion-style game, wandering the island, talking to people and doing quests, learning about the mysteries of the errant hunk of land in the middle of the ocean.

What about Bioware? They are great at writing dialogue and might be able to salvage something worthwhile from the wreckage of that doomed flight.

Or what about Remedy, which just released Alan Wake? They do atmosphere up like few others and might have an interesting take on things.

So…you get to pick: who makes a new Lost game? GO!

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5 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Developer Should Make A Lost Game?”

  1. Square Enix.

    What other developer is as well versed dealing with juggling multiple unusual characters as they work their way though a bat-shit insane storyline?

  2. Definitely Remedy. They would be able to nail the atmosphere perfectly. After playing through Alan Wake I’m now a fan of theirs and I think the critic reviews don’t do the game justice.

  3. If only it was possible an actual game developer who would make it open-ended as oblivion, not have crappy dialogue where people speak like cave man, and have a feel of creepiness from the game play itself, but its only a dream that all game developers would actually work together. (stupid dreams)

  4. I think Remedy has a shot with a Lost game, but honestly Lost should stay as a passive format. Unless it’s a point-and-click game, what’s the point of a Lost game?

    BTW, I’m a huge fan of Lost, er I was, so Ima get the full Lost series on DVD once it comes out on August 24th. Non-stop Pan-season Lost Marathon, here I come! Well, I’d prolly watch one season per day.

  5. Lost could be a good video game. I feel like the developers of the RE series partnered with another series developer (I’m not sure who yet) would be the best team to tackle Lost.

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