The Empire Strikes Back is 30 Years Old, and That Means a Lot of Hoth Levels

If you ask anyone with a brain cell what their favorite Star Wars movie is, chances are it will be The Empire Strikes Back. This movie has all the right ingredients to make a great film, and it’s surprisingly dark to boot. This is the first Star Wars film to show us just what the series is capable of out of the grubby hands of George Lucas, and I’m forever thankful to director Irvin Kershner for giving us this cinematic masterpiece.

My personal fawning aside, The Empire Strikes Back is also known for it’s cinematic Battle of Hoth which pits the Rebels against the titular Empire on the snowy wasteland planet. Naturally, such a big exciting fight is perfect fodder for video game recreations, and since 1982, we’ve had almost a dozen interpretations of the Battle of Hoth. Kotaku put up a nice post collecting all of them, but I’m going to share my favorites after the jump.

Shadows of the Empire

For me, this is the granddaddy of Hoth levels. Controlling Han Solo-cosplayer Dash Rendar, the player first takes to the skies of Hoth in a snowspeeder and downs an AT-AT before navigating the labyrinthine interiors of the Rebel base. Judging by how expansive the place is, they must have gotten the most motivated group of contractors ever to build the place.

Star Wars: Rogue Leader

The Rogue Squadron games have mostly had really great ship-to-ship combat (don’t get me started on the ground combat in 3), and the second game of the series really nailed the Battle of Hoth. The game still looks pretty good, even all these years later. Although Factor 5 created a real stinker with Lair, they can always be proud of this game.

What are your favorite Hoth levels? Any fond memories about The Empire Strikes Back that you want to share?

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