The GamerSushi Show, Ep 2: 99 Problems and a Mitch Ain’t One

99 problemsAnd… we’re back! It’s episode 2 of The GamerSushi Show, our still new podcast that we are extremely excited about. From the response you guys gave, and seems like you were too, so we did another one. We cover a pretty wide range of topics here, making for a whopping hour and twenty minutes, a fair bit longer than the original, but I think we’re less nervous so the discussion is even better.

The title of this week’s episode will become apparent pretty obvious, as we did this recording without the aid of our good Canadian friend Mitch, who went out on a date to see Iron Man 2 instead of doing a podcast with us. Lame, right? Anyway, we fixed a couple of our sound hiccups this time around, but added a new one in that my voice is way louder than everyone else’s. So I just apologize for that up front. That’ll be fixed in the next one.

Anyway, here are all the issues that we discuss:

What Are You Playing?
Heavy Rain
3D Dot Game Heroes
Starcraft 2 Beta

Community Topics
What Do You Want in the Next Console Gen?
Morality in Gaming

Gaming News
Defining an RPG
EA Announces the Online Pass

The funny thing is, that list seems rather short compared to all the different rabbit holes we chased. Once again, I hope that you guys have as much fun listening to it as we did recording it. Once again, feel free to leave any comments, feedback, or just continue the discussion down below!

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10 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 2: 99 Problems and a Mitch Ain’t One”

  1. What is a pod; How does one cast it?

    This is how. Epic guys 🙂 *curses slow internet speeds for not having the podcast downloaded faster*

  2. Okay one pressing problem: Fix your audio levels 🙂

    For different people, they’re too loud or too quiet. 🙂

  3. ** I’ll try to keep these short, and linear **

    -US versus Canada? Come CS me.

    -Heavy Rain sounds soo good when you guys talk about the quicktime scenes. I hope you guys played Indigo Prophecy..

    -AND People talked about future games being inspired by Indigo Prophecy too, but nothing really came from that until Heavy Rain (obviously). I’d be surprised if other devs take those kinds of risks.

    -My mother grew up Lo German/Spanish, My father grew up French, I’m used to most English words being mispronounced. Another thumbs up for Heavy Rain

    -AC/DC cover band? You should have made fun of Airbourne =).

    -Borderlands was exactly as Jeff described it. I found it really fun at first, but I cant believe I finished it after how repetitive it became AND that I played it entirely alone. (I also never played Diablo)

    *Next Gen

    -Movies, Shows and games on the same console? HOLY SHIT THATS THE FUTURE…. Wait… PC?? (I let my fanboy out again… sorry Eddy <3 )


    -Fallout 3 was my most recent experience with that idea and did it quite effectively. At the end of the day, I like to save/load the game VERY OFTEN so that I can be in full control of the scenario.. so I guess that takes away from the whole "free choice" thing. Let's just say when you're As Good As Possible, murdering 8 Children doesn't affect your Karma at all.


    -I stand by my thread post. You're always playing a 'role' in video games, just as Nick said. Bioshock poked fun at it, and that poke was justified.

    -At the beginning of Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 you start with a small amount of synchronization diamonds.. but by the end you have more. Is the Assassin's Creed series an RPG? Is it comparable to Legend of Zelda?

    -Gordon Freeman never speaks. You also don't speak in GTA III…

    *Online pass

    -Like I said earlier, I already sign into steam, and then Sign into Battlefield – You click a few buttons, get over it.

    -Counter Strike is 10 bucks. If you wanna play good MP, Get that on steam…. WHICH IS NOW ON MAC <- there I plugged your Mac spot. Portal FREE til the 24th, GET IT NOW.

    @Mitch – Great entrance.

    Great cast guys. Keep it up (I still wanna know about your mics 🙂 )

  4. [quote comment=”11458″]I got 99 problems and a Mitch ain’t one…

    If you getting lock blocked, I feel bad for you, son[/quote]


    Man, the podcast is pretty good guys. We’ll see how the next one with me is….might be my last.


  5. Great podcast guys. Particularly your insights about next gen consoles and morality in gaming.

  6. Great podcast. Love your thoughts on morality and Borderlands. I loled when Mitch showed up at the end.

  7. Great podcast! Good thoughts on Morality, and I think morality should affect the story in its repercussions – whether gaining or losing characters, or how easy or difficult the game becomes overall – while not having a blatant Karma meter.
    And lol at “I love Maple Syrup, eh?” hahahaaa

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