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I don’t know a whole lot about Red Dead Redemption, but every passing trailer I see for it looks more and more awesome. I never played the first game in the series, and I continue to hear good things from people that were fortunate enough to do so. The newest entry from Rockstar releases tomorrow, and so far it has gotten some rave reviews.

However, Grand Theft Auto 4 received the same kind of lavish praise, and we all know how I feel about that game. Still though, Red Dead Redemption holds a lot of promise, especially judging from this brand new kickass launch trailer. So who’s going to play this, and who’s played the first? Tell us what made the first game so good!

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14 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption Launch Trailer”

  1. whatever you might hear about the game and if you like it or not, the first one was not even remotely the same in terms of gameplay. The first one was a straight third person shooter, while this one is GTA 4: horse and buggy edition. But what I liked about the first one so much was how it captured the atmosphere of the spaghetti western and this one seems to capture that. But I heard that it is not going to be released on PC, is this true?

  2. This game does look awesome, but I also remember GTA 4 looking like the sweetest game ever, but then found out it was a complete downgrade from San Andreas. What I just hope is that Red Dead Redemption isn’t over hyped crap, or else I will send Rockstar a strongly worded email.

  3. Although I loved the first game, this one is a WHOLE different animal. Seriously, the only thing the have in common is the name and the Western setting. But I’m still looking forward to it, I love a good western and there has never been a great western game, and this one seems like it will do just the trick. Who wants to make a Gamersushi posse?

  4. I didn’t play Red Dead Revolver. I never realized that it was originally developed by Capcom; Rockstar apparently bought and published the game afterward. That explains a LOT about Revolver’s gameplay and style.

    I’m excited about RD Redemption, though. I really enjoyed parts of Gun, which I guess is Redemption’s closest spiritual predecessor. The open world aspects of Gun were great, but the mission structure and main story were subpar. It was at its best when you were galloping across empty Western landscapes and getting into gunfights with bandits along the way. Sounds like Redemption has that in spades.

  5. I’m probably getting this game regardless of reviews (unless it’s REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad) because Rockstar just ‘get’ the West. Revolver was pretty good, not fantastic but still pretty entertaining. Me and my mates have been looking so forward to this that our hype has reached ridiculous proportions.

  6. While I really hate western TV shows and movies, this does look like it might be pretty fun.

    @Muaddib There is no PC release date yet, but you know how most Rockstar games get released for PC later. That will probably happen with this one.

  7. Julez, you “really hate” westerns? Really? Do you mean all westerns or just certain types?

  8. I cringe at the possibility of a bad PC port. And I never liked most westerns, but the ones that were good I loved.

  9. @ Julez: Boy, watch some Clint Eastwood. And be amaaazed.

    @ SK Beans: I’m down for that. L337 Commando

    I just got Red Dead Redemption today and had some fun. So far, it’s pretty fun and definitely a cinematic treat. It feels like a Western, and doesn’t seem like a stereotype of the time. Nevertheless, duels and fightin’ bandits and whatnot have a lot of flavor to them, and pretty soon you’ll be talkin’ in a Western accent. Good stuff.

  10. @Zayven, I’ve never seen anything Western that I liked. Victorian era either. My brain is all in the future man.

    Haha, My roomates room is covered with Clint Eastwood, and they watch Deadwood A LOT, that’s actually what I was referring to. I make fun of them until we watch It’s Always Sunny or Stella.

  11. [quote comment=”11408″]@Zayven, My brain is all in the future man.


    The past is where you learn more about the future,lol.

  12. Wow, to each his own, I suppose. I didn’t like westerns as a kid when my dad watched them, but everything changed after I saw “A Fistful of Dollars.” “Unforgiven” is one of my all time favorite movies.

    Westerns are more than just Eastwood, though. “Magnificent Seven,” “Tombstone,” “Open Range,” and “3:10 to Yuma” (I’ve only seen the remake, but I hear the original is just as good) are all excellent. And if you want some “Red Dead Revolver”-style silliness, there’s always Sam Raimi’s “The Quick and the Dead.”

    But if your brain is all in the future, Julez, does that mean “Back to the Future Part 3” is an acceptable western for you?

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