GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

Starcraft 2 betaSummer. In the great state of Texas, Summer is more than just a season. It is a way of life. It’s more than just hot, it is like living in a dog’s mouth. Yes, in our neck of the woods we will soon start dealing with temperatures that are greater than 95 to 100 degrees constantly, with 1000 percent humidity to boot. Texas climate is a great and harsh mistress, and we will weep.

But that doesn’t mean we stop playing games. In fact, we play games more than ever, as we seek shelter from the sun’s plague-ish rays that beat our brows, and try to find solace in moving pixels and multiplayer matches. For many of you guys, you’ll soon be off of school and ready to tackle a whole new slew of games. For working folk like myself, I will soon be free of a humongous burden known only as the second season of Web Zeroes. That means lots of gaming goodness will be had by all. Lo!

So, I guess that’s my way of asking what you guys are playing? Me: Starcraft 2 Beta and Reach Beta. You guys? Go!

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14 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?”

  1. Reach Beta, L4D2, and, for some strange (and I assume nostalgic) reason, Pokemon Yellow and Crystal.

  2. Still chipping away at Final Fantasy XIII. It takes quite a while when you can only play the game in 1-2 hour spurts. Of course, I’ve also been distracted from it by playing Prince of Persia (the remake that came out in 2008).

    I finally decided that it would be better if Demon’s Souls and I both see someone else for a while. The best analogy I’ve come with for that game is that it’s like dating someone who is emotionally abusive but you keep coming back because the sex is great.

  3. After achieving max rank and almost all the armor and having played over 200 games, I think I’m finally done with the Reach beta lol. I picked up the Witcher this weekend and although it started pretty slow, it has started to draw me in. However I’m going to have to put it on hold tomorrow because that’s Red Dead Redemption time. I’ll also check out Alan Wake from work as well since that looks great.

  4. Well unfortunately the newest and only game I’m playing would be Fable 2 and as much as I prefer the first fable this is the newest game I got, but I also still play Oblivion

  5. Halo Reach Beta and the StarCraft II Beta, just like Eddy. (when I have time for games at all. Busy, busy)

    Loving Reach, especially the new Generator Defense gametype. Just wish that Bungie wasn’t using it to beat up their network code. It’s a lot of fun, but the lag is killer.

    Looking forward to Red Dead and Alan Wake, but don’t think I can afford both (or one! We’ll see).

  6. Looking forward to Red Dead, but for now MW2’s multiplayer is keeping me absorbed. I actually started playing Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time again to clear up the remaining trophies. So one run on Challenge mode and that Plat is mine!

  7. im in the starcraft 2 beta as well I’m kinda feelin a massive gamersushi ffa anybody else?

  8. Been putting in a lot of time in TF2 to prepare myself for the Engie update; though the game on the PC has a bit of a crash bug, so that’s getting in the way.

  9. I just beat Paper Mario the other day, so I’m moving on to the sequel. I’ve also been playing a lot of the original Halo on my PC.

  10. Halo Reach Beta (Generator Defense is fun, and the lag has been cut down somewhat, which is awesome for 6-player multiplayer via the CAMPAIGN networking system!) and a bit o’ Left 4 Dead 2.
    Also, I’ve got my Steam servers back online (once in a while I can’t access the Master Server List on Steam, weird), so I’ve been playing TF2, CSS, Insurgency, and Neotokyo. Ins and NT are fantastic mods, check em out.

    Other than that, I’m looking forward to Red Dead Redemption, which I basically just got hyped for today. It’s a shame I can’t preorder that shizz, but whatever. I can do without the silliness. Beyond RDR, Halo Reach, Brink, and Fallout New Vegas are on my radar.

  11. Anthony, what do you think of Heavy Rain? I don’t think I’ve heard your take on it.

  12. [quote comment=”11401″]Anthony, what do you think of Heavy Rain? I don’t think I’ve heard your take on it.[/quote]

    I love it so far. I plan on talking about it on the next podcast, scheduled to be recorded tonight!

  13. MOAR PODCAST! Thats great news. I’m playing Braid which I never finished the first time, Link’s Arrow Training that comes with the Wii Zapper, some MegaMan 3, and of course BFBC2 MP / CS.

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