A Gameblog Draws Near! Command?

Bonus points to whoever knows what the title of this post refers to.

We had a lot of fun last year with the Phantasy Star Gameblog and I thought it was almost time to do another one.  I am still a month or two away from getting started, but I thought we could at least get which game I will be blogging about out of the way.

I had originally written a nice long post, with detailed descriptions about each game, but that was lost due to the server timing out when I tried to save. So forgive me for the  lack of details, as I have entered a new dimension of pissed off.

Breath of Fire II: An old SNES game with a neat feature where you can fuse certain characters to enhance their stats or create whole new characters. Vote for this one to discover a lost gem of a game.

Chrono Cross: The sequel to Chrono Cross boasts excellent gameplay and amazing music, but if you want to see me go nuts about how it ruins Chrono Trigger, one of the best games of all time, pick this one.

Final Fantasy V: The most underrated game in the series doesn’t have the best story, but it makes up for it with an amazing battle system, based on the job classes that have now become a series staple. Don’t believe me? Vote for it and find out!

Final Fantasy IX: The runt of the PS1 litter, this game is also vastly underrated and it served as a homage to the series as a whole before embarking on the PS2 era. Considered by some to be better than Final Fantasy VII, if you want to know why, then choose this one.

Phantasy Star II: Sequel to the first game I blogged about it, this one is actually known for coming with a guide due to the excessive difficulty. If you liked the last blog and want more head pounding on cement action, vote now.

Secret of Mana: One of the most beloved SNES games of all time, this action-rpg has great graphics and music and is pretty much the only great Mana game we ever got in the U.S. Vote for it to hear all about it.

Suikoden: A PS1 RPG where you are tasked with finding 108 characters to build an army. This game is shorter than most, but features massive battles involving your army, in addition to traditional RPG skirmishes. If that tickles your fancy, vote for this one.


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17 thoughts on “A Gameblog Draws Near! Command?”

  1. These game blogs still rank as probably my favorite features to post on GamerSushi. I voted Chrono Cross simply to hear you rail about it ruining Chrono Trigger. Though I almost picked PS II to add a certain continuity from the last gameblog to this one.

  2. I almost went for Secret of Mana, but ended up picking Chrono Cross because I played the DS version of Trigger and loved it and I want to hear about the sequel because I never got a chance to play it (even if it does ruin the series storyline).

  3. Haven’t decided what to vote yet but I just wanted to say this was probably my favorite feature of last year.

    Now to choose….

  4. Definitely Suikoden, if only because I bought it on PSN so Anthony and I could play through it together!

  5. I almost voted Phantasy Star II, but I voted Chrono Cross because you would probably hate it.

  6. Don’t forget that the silliness of Final Fantasy IX will probably make for better reading than Chrono Cross.

    Then again, Chrono Cross had it’s share of weird moments…

    Anthony, you should definitely add Legend of Dragoon to the list. I know you just won’t consider your life complete until you play it all the way through.

  7. Come on, Anthony, if this was REALLY a Florida vote we all would have thrown out half the votes and let everyone else vote twice.

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