GamerSushi Asks: Collector’s Editions?

halo 3It seems almost inevitable that all major releases will have a special edition these days. Gone are the simpler times when you could just walk into your local retailer and pick up a plain old box with a manual and the game; these days, you can choose from up to three flavors of your game, ranging from the basic package to some $200 monstrosity that might contain night-vision goggles, a ten-pound statue, or anything in-between.

Besides being home to extravagant pieces of memorabilia, special editions of games often include codes that allows the purchaser to access additional in-game content, things that may not even be available to other consumers some months down the line. That’s all right for those of us who want to feel that they are buying something that they can hold on to, something that is not just another toy, but what of those of us who don’t want, or can’t afford, the upgraded versions?

So, I submit this question to you guys: how often do you purchase limited or collectors editions? What kind of extra goodies are needed to guarantee that you will drop your hard earned money on it? Let us know!

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11 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Collector’s Editions?”

  1. I think Halo 3 is the only thing I purchased a collectors edition for, and might be the only thing I ever do it for. The helmet was simply too awesome to pass up, partly because I just love the lore behind the Spartan IIs so much.

  2. What about Reach, Eddy? The limited edition and the legendary edition both have Halsey’s artifact bag, expunging the secrets of the Haloverse.. I couldn’t resist.

  3. Hey look, My podcast question! 😀

    I bought those extra maps for Assassin’s Creed II. I have no idea why I did, I think it was an extra 5 bucks…

    But I AM going to get the Alan Wake collectors edition, OST, Goodies and a book? Totally down.

    By the way, if you guys are interested in Alan Wake, check out for a prequel webseries they filmed with real actors. It’s scary/creepy as all hell.

  4. I’m a sucker for a limited/collectors edition, especially when they are a bargain. For example I picked up the Bioshock 2 CE after I had rented and completed the game for £30 (~$45) because the soundtrack on vinyl was just too awesome and is now on my wall!

    Something like the recently announced Fallout Vegas CE is awesome for me too because I love the whole vegas theme and I’m a huge card nut.

    So yeah, I’m actually more likely to buy a game I had no intention of buying if they release a CE, in fact I’m off to buy the Monster Hunter Tri CE tomorrow! (£50 for the game, wii speak, controller pro and a figure is just epic considering the game alone is £30)

    Oh and I love how PC CE are always cheaper.

  5. That kinda depends, I have the MW2 Hardened Edition, inFamous and BFBC2 limited editions (inFamous’s box was too beautiful to pass up and the Day 1 headstart in BFBC2 was invaluable). Other than that I have a couple of Steelbooks. It’s really only when it doesn’t add significantly to the price (ie. Steelbooks) just to make them stand out in my collection.

  6. @Julez, haha, I had this one in the tube last night. I can’t upload images thanks to my ISP (can’t go on the iTunes store either), so I had to put it up this morning at work. Just an amazing coincidence.

    I currently have only 2 collectors editions in my lineup right now. Mass Effect 2 and SC: Conviction. I bought Conviction’s LE because it was cheaper than the standard edition. Thank you, broken USB drive.

  7. I only get CE’s for Half-life. Though that will probably change if Steam offers the Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition. If I see it up there, I just won’t be able to resist. Nor will a few of you guys, I predict =)

  8. Lately, I’ve taken a vow never to buy a special editions ever again since I used to get them all the time and then realize that I wasted $20 or more for nothing. So I’ll be buying regular editions from henceforth unless they have some really cool content.

    For example, I’m getting Fallout: New Vegas’ collectors edition. It has a graphic novel, cool poker chips, a model of the Lucky 38, a deck of Fallout-themed playing cards with rules to “Caravan”, and a “Making Of” DVD. I love Making Of DVD’s, and if your collectors edition has it, I’m buying it! I love being able to see the team who worked on the game and learn what they did to make it. Since I love Fallout, this is a no-brainer, so I’m psyched for New Vegas and its collectors stuff. New Vegas’ collectors edition is $80, and I’m willing to pay 20 extra dineros for good stuff.

    Other than FO:NV, I’m steering clear of most collectors editions that aren’t 1) Free, or 2) Worth the content.

  9. I always get them if it’s for a game series I love or it’s for a game I know I will love. Legendary edition, here I come!

  10. I would only buy model replicas, such as a mini spartan or the statue that came with Brutal Legend. As for game DLC that gives extra weapons, most PC gamers have very good knowledge of how much of a rip off that can easily become. If it’s more story, then it may be worth buying.

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