Little Big Planet 2 Trailer!

Well, we all knew it was coming. Like any major videogame developer, Media Molecule is returning to the well of riches that was Little Big Planet, and unveiling a sequel to the hit PS3 game. The new Little Big Planet 2 trailer is full of tons of fun stuff, and great hints towards even more ambitious level design than the first game. It looks like players can create cooler stuff than the original, including creatures with their own AI as well as different modes. Rumor has it that someone has already created an RTS with it over at Media Molecule.

Can’t wait to see more from this. Thoughts?


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7 thoughts on “Little Big Planet 2 Trailer!”

  1. The RTS thing isn’t a rumor, they’ve actually said that a Media Molecule has created a fully functional Command & Conquer remake in LBP2.

  2. I like the direction of games like this, combined with the starcraft 2 editor, just the amount of possibilities astounds me. Now they just need to make starcraft 2 in little big planet and vice versa.

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