How to be a Gaming Jerk

Nothing quite brings out the inner jerk in me like a good rousing game of Halo matchmaking. For the last week, I’ve been enjoying Bungie’s new multiplayer offering in the form of the Halo: Reach Beta. Kicking it up with jetpacks, armor lock, Slayer and the like awakens old habits in me at times, it seems, even though much of the gameplay is new or different. Tonight, while playing, I found myself getting irritated at trash talkers. Soon enough, I was engaging in the famed tea bag maneuver at my opponents’ expense and it was glorious.

The funny thing is, sometimes this translates into other areas of gaming as well. GamesRadar has an awesome article up about 18 Ways to be a Bastard in Games, where they recount how you can be a total jerk in a number of different titles. They cover everything from killing hospital patients in GTA IV to choosing a character to die in Mass Effect simply because you get to have sex with the other. The most shocking thing about the list? I have done 11 out of the 18 things they mentioned, and most of the ones I haven’t done are because I haven’t played the game listed.

So what about you guys? What are your favorite ways to be a jerk in games? How many things on the list have you done? Go!


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8 thoughts on “How to be a Gaming Jerk”

  1. Hahahah (: I’m guilty of the Half-Life asshole effect. Gravity launch anything smaller than a truck at the characters and still get treated like god-chosen Hero

  2. Getting a co-op buddy to kill your wife in Fable 2…done and done.

    Lock Bag doesn’t have the same ring as LOCK BLOCK.

  3. I like to annoy people who call others campers by pointing out camping is a legit tactic and if you die from a camper, you suck.

  4. Haha Mitch oh well, it’s still fun to do. You can scream lock block over their dead corpse as you do it if you want. Thank God for proximity voice.

  5. Letting a team mate in Halo or CoD who is whining about how his team doesn’t do anything (when he has the lowest kills) die, and then pulling off an impressive multikill over his dead body.

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