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New VegasOne of the premier titles of 2008, Fallout 3, was well received for its large game world, memorable denizens and its slow-motion auto-targeting system, VATS. Knowing that a game this popular deserved a follow up, Bethesda studios, creators of the popular Elder Scrolls series, enlisted Obsidian Entertainment to take players back to the Fallout universes’ post-apocalyptic setting. What’s being changed from the 2008 title, and what can fans expect to return?

The first thing wasteland-aficionados will notice is that the setting of the game has changed from Washington DC in Fallout 3 to, rather obviously, the areas around Las Vegas. While previewers weren’t given the option to travel to the titular gambling town, they were allowed to try out the reformatted VATS system and fool around with the new weapon customization options.

For PC Fallout 3 players, the weapon modification system will be an old hat; there are several mods available which allows gamers to tool up their weapons with all sorts of custom parts. New Vegas takes this an implements it smoothly with the existing firearms. Players can add scopes and extended magazines to their armaments in addition to different ammo types.

VATS combat also gets a bit of refresher for the game, adding a new type of move to the lineup. By pressing a certain button, a weapon-specific attack can be queued up such as the “Fore!” move for the game’s nine-iron. The slow-motion cinematic kills can also be triggered outside of VATS, adding a new flair to the combat.

Gamers who also bemoaned the lack of in-depth command for Fallout 3’s companion characters will welcome the addition of the “Companion Wheel”, a pop-up radial menu that will allow wasteland wanderers to issue specific orders to their comrades in arms. Players looking for a more of a challenge in the deserts of Nevada will be given the option to choose “Hardcore Mode” from the game’s outset, adding in factors like hunger, dehydration and giving weight to ammunition.

Fallout 3 was a very strong title, but not without its faults. There were a fair amount of bugs and graphical glitches and the combat, which started off strong, tended to ware a bit thin by the endgame thanks to a savvy player’s ability to amass large quantities of bullets and stim packs. Hopefully New Vegas will breath life back into Fallout and provide gamers another opportunity to venture back into the wastes.

What do you guys think of New Vegas? Is it on your list for this year? I know that it’s on my radar, but after my less than overwhelming reception of the Mark & Execute system from Splinter Cell: Conviction, will I still enjoy using VATS? Do any of you have a take on this? Let us know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Fallout: New Vegas Info Hits the Internet”

  1. it…it still uses the gamebryo engine doesn’t it?

    In the immortal words of a very wise man, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

    I’ll still buy it and play it for hours, but damn the animations had better be higher quality.

  2. [quote comment=”11248″]OMG OMG OMG!

    I can’t wait for this, having sunk 70+ hours in Fallout 3.[/quote]

    Waiting for this one too. With all those expansion packs that made me keep coming back and the mods I downloaded, I’ve put in 224 hours. Can’t wait to put in a few more hundred hours with this new one.

  3. I’ve got 69 Hours in Fallout 3 according to Steam. Not to mention getting about 20 hours into a first campaign that I lost due to moving PC’s…

    I CAN NOT wait for this.

  4. I can forgive Fallout 3 for its glitches and…let’s face it: lackluster graphics and animations, BUT HOT DAMN IF NEW VEGAS DON’T LOOK LIKE SEX-ON-A-SKEWER!!!

    As you can imagine, I’m psyched. New Vegas is exactly what I want from another installment following FO3: same basic formula, a few cool new improvements and additions, and a totally new story and world to love to death. I am eagerly awaiting New Vegas! (Unfortunately, it’s really the only game I’m 100% jizzing for this year. Reach looks fun, but the Beta was taught me again that Halo matchmaking is…Halo matchmaking. Still, I’ll enjoy Reach’s Campaign and possibly Firefight. And fuck Call of Duty.)

  5. @ Cossack

    lackluster graphics? It looked absolutely gorgeous on my PC.

    And what glitches did you guys encounter exactly??

  6. Yeah, it did look good on the PC for the most part.

    I found a bunch of bugs. I got stuck in geometry; my character’s body would get grotesquely distended so I could see myself in first person view, my giant hand stretching out before me.

    At one point, the skybox stopped working properly and a point of white light appeared on the horizon. If I looked directly at it, it would mess up my entire screen.

    Not to mention that all the DLC launched absolutely borked.

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