Warhammer 40,000 MMO to be Announced at E3

WH40KIt’s kind of inevitable that, at some point, all the MMOs in the world will finally join servers and hook into their players to form giant living batteries to power their machines of war as they trundle across the Earth, destroying the last holdouts of the human race. Until that happens, we get to play all the neat titles that are coming out from this ever expanding genre.

World of Warcraft has a firm and irreversible death grip on the market, there’s no denying that. When your player base produces enough capital to surpass the gross national product of a small nation, it’s pretty much a given that you’re on easy street. Where other MMOs need to strike their claim is the territories that WoW hasn’t expanded into yet. The most recent example of this is Star Trek Online, which had boring ground combat but apparently had some of the best space battles in a game so far. It won players based on that merit alone, so I’m interested to see what the 40K universe can produce.

For those of you who are maybe unfamiliar with this particular franchise, Warhammer 40K is a futuristic tabletop miniatures game with several races, all of whom can find some reason to fight each other. The game is well known for both its dark and gritty tone and its ever evolving design. I’ve been in and out of that particular scene for a while, mostly because of the prohibitive price, but I can see myself playing the MMO.

What about you guys? Does this interest you, or are still against MMOs? Are you holding out for Star Wars: The Old Republic?

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  1. I think TOR will be the only thing that can pull me away from WoW. Although I’ve been clean for two months now.

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