Defend the House is Back With Halo: Reach Betabusters

Well, we did warn you about the incoming slew of Reach related posts, but I think we can be forgiven for putting up the newest video by Defend the House, the dedicated group behind Halo 3 Mythbusters and Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters. This time around they’ve turned their sights on the Halo Reach Beta, exposing a few things about the gameplay in the Beta that you might not have known about. Have a watch.

Pretty neat, don’t you think? Did you guys find out anything useful that you can apply to your gameplay? What do you think of the Beta so far? And where are my friend requests?

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3 thoughts on “Defend the House is Back With Halo: Reach Betabusters”

  1. I would play with you guys, but you and Eddy can be kinda sneaky when you’re online with your “appear offline” stuff lol.

  2. Ok this video was pretty nuts. The direct hit from a nade was surprising, and the animation for air assassinations is kind of hilarious.

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