Halo: Reach Beta Role Call

Halo Reach BetaI’m going to go ahead and apologize to you non-Haloites in advance. Over the next few weeks, we will no doubt have quite a few Halo: Reach stories up and running, since the beta is kicking in full effect tomorrow. While I am no doubt excited, I am trying to quell my Halo fanboy-ism so that I don’t annoy you all to death with it. But patience and forgiveness will be required, brothers.

What’s crazy is I remember playing the Halo 3 beta years ago, and how excited I was to play it then. I booted up my 360 to start the beta downloading first thing in the morning… and then my 360 red ringed on me. Maybe one of the worst things to happen to me in my adult life. It was horrible. Then my bud Daniel let me borrow his 360 for the beta… only I had left the Crackdown disc in the red ringed 360 which got shipped to MS. It was not a very good month for me.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to post and figure out which of you guys would be joining me and fellow GS writer Mitch in the ensuing 3 week Halo: Reach Beta madness. Post your gamertags here and feel free to send us invites (Pwnocchio and Lubeius). Let me know you’re from GS when you do so!

I’ve got my ODST disc waiting. Super pumped.

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11 thoughts on “Halo: Reach Beta Role Call”

  1. Oh man, am I psyched for this! I have it on good authority that Eddy and I are both using our lunch breaks to download the Beta so we can have it going for tonight before we start on our super-secret GS feature.

    You guys will love it.

  2. I am definitely going to be playing, mine’s downloading right now. And both of you have my gamertag already, and if anyone else wants to play it’s Drell Assassin. Looking forward to playing some Reach with you guys!

  3. I shall accept your apology on the condition that you send me a 360 and a Reach Beta code. Failure to comply will mean you shall lose my respect and I shall never laugh at Alex’s jokes in WZ. No matter how funny they are.
    Can’t blame me for trying, amiright?

  4. Dont worry Eddy, Although I’m not a Halo-ite, I’m still interested in reading about how you guys find it and all the goodies. Hope it’s great.

  5. Xbox 360: L337 Commando
    L and C are capitalized, and that’s one (1) space.

    OH SHIT I played some Beta today, and lemme tell you it is HAWT. IT’S SUPER AWESOME.
    So I had fun…for the 10 games I played. Yeah, there are some server issues, and since there were over 180,000 players online when I was playing, I can see where the problem is. Still, it’s a very good game even now, and they’ll probably be tweaking it for the better. If you’re a Halo guy, you’ll love Reach.

  6. Gamertag: Myrmidont

    I hope to god you guys’ll let me in on a match or two with you guys, it’s like an impromptu community night!

  7. Gamertag – Shamus66

    I played a bunch today, I feel like every flaw is covered with 5 or 6 “wow”s… If that makes sense

  8. I am supper pumped about the beta. I got it downloaded and my gamertag is bowenjenq. Meet you fellow halo fans on the battle field.

  9. I was very excited to start playing, but when i finally got started after about 90 minutes waiting, i wasn’t really wow’d, but it was still fun to play:)

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