Supreme Court to Rule on Violent Games

Supreme CourtCalifornia’s law banning the sale of violent video games to minors was thrown out by a court of appeals and now it appears to be heading via warp zone to the final stage: The Supreme Court.

With this comes the usual debate about games and free speech, the responsibilities of parents and so forth. Personally, I think it’s up to parents and game stores to self-regulate, but what do I know?

I also don’t think the Supreme Court, which last week asked, “What’s the difference between an e-mail and a page?” is going to see the gamer side of this issue, but that won’t stop me from asking: where do you stand on this hot-button issue?

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7 thoughts on “Supreme Court to Rule on Violent Games”

  1. Goddammit, if there’s one thing people know, it’s that Government sucks. And the Government doesn’t even understand an entire culture, I’m a little nervous as to what these ignorant fools might rule. If these guys think it’s just a bunch of little kids chainsawing each other up for “points” (You mean achievements? Dumbasses? lol)…well that’s true, but it’s also the defining art for an entire generation. There’s something to be enjoyed from a game that isn’t afraid to let players immerse themselves in a world that, while virtual, mirrors our own violent world.
    At the end of the day, people have to realize that most gamers are normal people, and you wouldn’t take violence out of movies, would you? The Movie Culture and Video Game Culture are nearly equal in proliferation and influence, and violence in a fantasy is not going to cause the widespread destruction and agony that parents zealously blinded by wanton and unfounded paranoia claim that they will.


  2. Hm. It should be left up to the parents, just like everything else. from Sleepovers to first beers, movies and games. But parents frequently fail their children, and most of those kids would be better off without Nightmare on Elm Street and GTA at 8 or 9 years old.

    Meh, whatever happens, I’m legal age. No longer my problem =D.

  3. I love it when Cossack gets fired up! He manages to convey his points clearly yet still retains the comedy that a screaming child brings. He is to be admired. Also, I agree with what he said.

  4. If this doesn’t get thrown out or ruled against, I will have lost all faith in our government.

    As a couple of you have said, the decision should be left up to the parent, but sometimes they do fail in their judgments. I don’t care what people say, even 14 year olds know the difference between a game and rl. In the rare instances when people do think that “bad games” caused a violent outburst, there is often something more involved than just a game, such as ADD or something like that.

    Even though this doesn’t come close to affecting me, I still want younger kids to be able to enjoy the same kinds of games that I did when I was that age….just as long as they don’t talk about how big their balls are getting over XBL, but that’s a whole different issue.

  5. It’s the parents job to moderate what their kids play.

    Really unless a game has more swearing per minute then Bad Company 2 and Sex i dont think its worthy of an M anyway. Blood and Violence is everywhere nowadays.

    I played the first half life when i was 5 for crying out loud ಠ_ಠ

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