GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

FF13You know the drill, fools. Every now and then we just want to check in, find out what everybody is playing, and maybe even compare notes on some new games. Let’s do it.

Right now, I’ve been totally swamped with writing stuff, but when I’ve had a chance to play some video games, I’m most playing Final Fantasy XIII. I’m about 35 hours into it now, which means I’m only about 5 hours past the point when the real game starts. Sadly, the game has about a 30 hour entrance fee before you are trained up good and proper. That being said, I love it and I’m having a blast with it. Just… dang, 30 hours Square? Oh well. I probably won’t even care now that I’m to the really fun stuff.

Whenever I’m not doing that, I dip my toes into the multiplayer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which is still just as much fun as when it came out. Hopefully, I can finish up FF13 in the near future and pick up either Splinter Cell: Conviction (hearing great things) and/or 3D Dot Game Heroes for the PS3.

Has anyone played any of these games mentioned? Thoughts so far? What are you guys playing? Go!

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11 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?”

  1. still going through the God of War collection, Dragon Age:origins (I just realized you never put out a review for it), Batman Arkham Asylum, and more Mass Effect 2!

  2. Splinter Cell all the way. Like I’ve mentioned I’ve wrapped up the great SP and I just got done playing some split screen coop with my friend, and man was it a blast. The Mark and Execute feature is even better with two people sharing marks.

  3. I’ve been playing Just Cause 2 about a week now. I’ve completed the story, and I’m at 36% on Mercenery mode. It’s just fun to base jump and do all kinda crazy stunts.
    Im maybe going to buy BF:BC2 soon because I loved the multiplayer on last one and I just got little extra cash.

  4. Splinter Cell: Convictions has been my big one since I got it Tuesday. I might play through for a third time, to get all the difficulties done (just Rookie left.)
    And I’ve also been playing some Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (it’ll never get old.)

  5. Re-playing Far Cry 2 and thoroughly enjoying the ride. BFBC2 with friends, and an occasional bout in MW2’s online mode on my lonesome.

  6. I recently gave MW2 another chance to redeem itself, and it was fun the first few hours I played it because whenever I go back to a game like CoD, I have a great spree of pwnage for the first hours and then afterwards I start to suck again. So it’s still annoying.

    I’ve also been playing L4D 1 and 2, played Halo 2 to death the last 2 days it was online (I’ll miss you, my sweet prince!), and got some BFBC2 action when my buddies were online.

  7. Lately for some reason my friends and I have been on a nostalgia-run, so we first installed Starcraft, then all got WC3 (k its not that old) but then the best one we started playing again was Diablo 2 LoD. So much fun, so simple yet complex, makes me want to play Diablo 3 even more!

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