New Alan Wake Trailer Finally Excites Me

While I’ve posted about Alan Wake before, I’ve never quite caught on to the fever that the gaming media at large seems to throw behind the XBox 360 exclusive. It always looked interesting, I guess, but it’s hard to judge a game by the same cutscene clips and trailers that we’ve seen for several years in a row. Granted, that’s how I felt about Final Fantasy XIII, but now I’m in love with that game, so…

Anyway, this new Alan Wake: Building the Thriller trailer shows off some cool gameplay for the title that I hadn’t seen before, and finally has me itching to play it. It looks like a crazy mix between Heavy Rain, Silent Hill and Resident Evil 5, and I love the idea of darkness and light in combat. To me, one of the coolest shots is the character at the end wrapped in Christmas lights to ward off enemies. It just seems like a cool idea from a writing standpoint. Anyway, if you can bear the cheesy narration, I’d suggest giving this one a watch.


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4 thoughts on “New Alan Wake Trailer Finally Excites Me”

  1. I can’t be exited after them giving PC gamers the finger and running of with their exclusivity money.

  2. Wow I really wasn’t sure about this one yet, but now I really want to check it out. I hope it does well, Remedy has spent a long time on it and hopefully it turns out like it has been hyped to.

  3. As many other Finnish people, I cant wait for the release and reviews. I just hope that the game is good. Very good. Only problem is that I dont have 360. (yet)

  4. I’m with Karhax. But as bitter as I am about the cancellation of the PC release, I really hope this game lives up to the wait and hype for Remedies sake. I’m gonna play it on my brothers 360. Believe it!

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