Crysis 2 Makers Call Out More Games

Uncharted 2 Vs Crysis 2Dang. I always knew that Crysis sported itself some pretty graphics. Gorgeous, even. But I didn’t realize the original Crysis was such a groundbreaking smash of a hit in terms of narrative. Or at least, that’s what its writers and creators seem to think.

Earlier this week, Crysis 2 writer Richard Morgan called out Modern Warfare 2 for its story and its narrative. Then, he proceeded to follow that up with a shot at Halo, calling its archetypal characters “bullshit”. While it’s one thing to nip at the heels of the big dogs, it seems that Crytek isn’t quite done taking shots at other games. A new interview with the company’s CEO, Cevat Yerli, has now added Uncharted 2 to the list of giants that Crysis 2 is trying to fell with its stones of wordy criticisms. Here’s what Yerli had to say about the game.

It’s really great, and that’s an alternative style, but I don’t think they do justice to the medium of game. I think Mass Effect 2 is doing a better job to the game market, although it’s a completely different style to us, rather than Uncharted 2 or Modern Warfare, for that matter.

Say what you will about whether or not Richard Morgan or Yerli is right about any of the stuff they’ve made bold claims about with Crysis 2… but these dudes are dropping some major gonads down on the table. I mean, seriously, this game’s story had better start blowing some mothers out of the water with its brilliance when this game comes out.

Personally, I think their comments about Modern Warfare 2 are totally justified, and the ones about Halo slightly less justified (but not wrong), but calling out Uncharted 2 as not doing videogames justice seems a little out in left field for me. And this is coming from a guy who loved Mass Effect 2 just as much.

What do you guys think? Are these guys biting off more than they can chew? Have they been right about their comments?

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14 thoughts on “Crysis 2 Makers Call Out More Games”

  1. [quote comment=”10962″]Well to be fair, it wasn’t Richard Morgan that called out Uncharted 2 in this quote. It was Yerli, Crytek’s CEO.[/quote]

    that makes a little more Since…sort of…not really. If you are going to call out one of last years best games your game had better be pretty damn good!

  2. If you read what was actually said, you’ll notice that he’s not actively putting down Uncharted 2. He’s simply commenting on their way of presenting a story, and how the world plays a part in that, in his opinion.

  3. To parody SK Beans: I’m all fine with putting down MW2, but Uncharted 2? That’s where I draw my fanboy line.

  4. Everybody knows Crysis had better characters than Halo.

    I mean what the fuck. These guys are getting out of hand. Crysis was pretty. Okay. That’s…basically it. Other than that, it was another FPS with a pretty cool upgrade system but it wasn’t groundbreaking. Well, mainly because nobody could friggin afford to play the game.

  5. I don’t think that they are saying that crysis is any better than these games as much as they are saying what they hope to fix with crysis 2. still as Anthony said “This game better cure cancer”

  6. [quote comment=”10970″]Eddy is right: This game better cure cancer[/quote]

    Or have within it a hidden map to the fountain of youth. Either one y’know.

  7. Dudes, Hype-Castles are built with words, not stones. People are gonna buy it to see what it’s all about, after making claims to (potentially) have a better story / “serve the medium of game”.

    We’ll find out eventually.

  8. The problem is instead of people being excited about this, they are going to be sitting there with their arms crossed going, “meh.”

  9. I think this is great!

    In a time where people (gamersushi included) talks about the fall of singleplayer, we get someone to go out there and tell people they aren’t doing it well enough.

    Doesn’t matter if this game is the pinnacle of storytelling or if it isn’t. It puts some attention on the subject.

  10. Just remember that this Crytek’s first game that is also going to be on the console. Every one of their other games is on the PC.

    P.S. PC gaming rules!

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