Today’s WTF: Fable III Allows XBL Friends with Benefits

Well, for those of you who have always longed to knock boots with that sultry voiced minx on your friends list, you may have finally gotten your chance. It seems that Fable III is going to allow for players to get intimate and create babies with their friends in co-op games. Hot stuff, right?

I mean, as with anything that goes in a Peter Molyneux game, this should be taken with the grainiest grain of salt one can think of, but still it’s interesting to talk about. The idea of a unique weapon that is tied to your profile and gamerscore? Sounds good, I hope it makes it in. The idea of a king-like RTS that takes over part of the tale? Another great idea, can’t wait. Sleeping with someone on my friends list to make virtual babies for our co-op game? Not so keen on that one.

However, if I’m being completely honest here, if there is an achievement for doing someone on your friends list to make a baby… someone out there is going to have to help me do this. I’m not a picky man, either. I only ask that you be gentle with my evil avatar.

Source- Kotaku

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6 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Fable III Allows XBL Friends with Benefits”

  1. See, I always play the goody-goody in moral choice games. We can be like the odd couple! I can constantly be pushing health care, and you can be giving exclusive contracts to the military industrial complex!

    …this idea is absolutely terrible.

  2. Haha I can’t see anything wrong with this idea. Sounds like it could be a fun side part from the main game. Hopefully the snotty nosed punks actually grow older than like 7 this time. I want him by my side on the battlefield!

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