When Videogames Attack

8 Apr 2010 | Posted by

If you’re an avid of Web Zeroes (shameless self promotion plug), then you’ll know from Episode 14 that the secret to viral videos is relevant references plus humor or special effects. Well this newest video called Pixels by Patrick Jean combines all of that and then some.

The concept? New York is under attack by pixelated video game characters. It’s a few parts nostalgia, a few parts cleverness and all parts awesome.

Who else loved this?


  • Mitch said:

    Very cool! Reminded me a little of Cloverfield for some reason.

  • SK Beans said:

    That’s awesome!

  • Cossack69 said:

    Awesome. Incredible. Outstanding. SEX.

  • Julez said:

    So Awesome! I hope no one at the white house sees this or they might think it’s “Terrorist Propaganda” again.

  • DaPurpleSharpie said:


    BUT I could beat his high score in my sleep!
    Where was centipede? o___o