RoosterTeeth Builds a Grand Theft Auto Car

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we could drive cars the way we do in video games? You know, from a third person point of view so that you could see everything around you. Well, so did the dudes over at RoosterTeeth.

As a result, they decided to build a rig that mounted a camera in a way that mimics the kind of driving we do all the time in games like Grand Theft Auto. They then blocked out the windshield and hooked up a monitor so that a few test subjects could try it out. The end product equals hilarity.

Source- RoosterTeeth

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2 thoughts on “RoosterTeeth Builds a Grand Theft Auto Car”

  1. I always drive with first person camera, it feels like you’re going faster, and it’s easier to control.

    However, with GTAIV’s ridiculous steering, I was forced to drive 3rd person.

  2. Here comes a nice easy corner..
    ARGH, I’m only driving on two wheels now!

    Yeah, GTAIV had some stupid driving controls. And shooting controls. And walking controls. What a dumb game.

    On the other hand, that video is awesome. Flying kick for the win.

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