The Law Abiding Engineer Puts TF2 on the Big Screen

I thought I would interrupt the madness of the day to post this, because this video is worth noting.

YouTube dude TrueOneMoreUser has posted a couple of videos which I found terribly impressive, given what he did with these TF2 characters. Basically, he re-edited live action footage of the trailer for Law Abiding Citizen and replaced the real actors with the characters from Team Fortress 2. The result is the amazingly awesome Law Abiding Engineer.

He’s also posted a vertical comparison video, which shows the original and the new trailers next to each other. I’d recommend checking that one out as well.


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2 thoughts on “The Law Abiding Engineer Puts TF2 on the Big Screen”

  1. That is some incredible animation. Fantastic work! I’m excited for when the people who make these kinds of videos for fun enter the professional field. Now there’ll be some talent!

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