April Fools: Natal Delayed Indefinitely: “Just Not Working”, Says Lead Developer

Project NatalIn news that could change the future of gaming forever, Natal lead developer Alex Kipman has announced that Microsoft’s Project Natal is on “indefinite hold” due to problems inherent in the system’s design.

Kipman was quoted as saying,

“The issues we are currently experiencing with Natal go far beyond the normal bugs and glitches when creating new technology such as this. If Natal were to be released without extensive reworking, it would make the hardware failures experienced by the XBox 360 look like child’s play. We’re talking Toyota-like catastrophe unless we go back to the drawing board.”

When pressed for a potential new release date, Kipman could only speculate, but did confirm that Natal won’t hit store shelves until at least 2011.

Whatever the problems are with Natal, you can be sure that Sony and Nintendo are thanking the gaming gods for this unfortunate mishap, but kudos to Microsoft for being so upfront about the whole mess. Does this change your view of Natal? Are you more or less likely to get one? Or will you just go ahead and get a Playstation Move?

Link: CNN.com

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9 thoughts on “April Fools: Natal Delayed Indefinitely: “Just Not Working”, Says Lead Developer”

  1. I am still not going to buy one, but I like their upfrontness with the people. Microsoft might be turning around. But I think the problem that is inherent with the product, is that it is a motion control device.

  2. Guess they switched to Valve time.

    But I guess making the effort to fix it so they don’t have a new breed of RRoD’s on Natal is a good thing.

  3. Suck it bitches. Seriously, why don’t these people just realize that Natal and the other motion-control gimmicks will be a disappointing fad and move on? Geez.

  4. Major kudos to Anthony on this one. It seriously sounds so legit, and the title of it cracked me up the first time I read it. The quote was great, too.

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