Today’s WTF: Breach Gameplay for XBL Arcade

Today’s WTF is actually a good one. Maybe your reaction to this Breach gameplay video will be the same as mine: “Wait, this is a 15 dollar XBox Live Arcade game?”

Cover. Destructible environments. Pretty impressive graphics (though this video is taken off screen). Coming in June/July for only 1200 Microsoft points. There’s not really much else to say, except that this might be a day one purchase for me, and the very thing that holds me over with Bad Company 2 while I wait for Halo: Reach. I have to say that they’ve won me over with just one video, which is funny considering I haven’t even heard of this until now.

Who else wants this?


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10 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Breach Gameplay for XBL Arcade”

  1. Man, this is really awesome! The cover system reminds me of Rainbow Six Vegas and the destructible environments are amazing! It could also help players make strategies on how to take down enemies! Looking forward to buying this game and might as well save my $15 from buying the MW2 map pack. (which I’m not gonna buy anyway. LOL!)

  2. Hot Jizz, this game looks amazing. I’d pay 60 bucks for this game, but 15 is an awesome bargain! I love when a developer makes a great deal once in a while. Man, 8v8 infantry combat, fully destructible environments (moreso than BFBC2), cover, and realisitc combat, AAAND $15 via XBLA. The only better deal in history was the Orange Box, but Breach comes damn close. I’m psyched!

    Suck on that, MW2! hahah!

  3. Damn, Cossack! You be hatin’ yourself some MW2 multiplayer! From the guy who was OMJizzing up until November it’s weired to hear that! Lol.
    C’mon Breach, PS3 release!

  4. @ Skuba
    Yeah, MW2 bork’d my heart. I still love Campaign, but MP is a mess. That’s all.

    And I’m pretty sure somebody or some article said that there’d be a PSN release. If not, SUCK IT!!! lol

  5. [quote comment=”10777″] The only better deal in history was the Orange Box, but Breach comes damn close. I’m psyched!

    Actually, Counter-Strike used to be free because it was a mod. Now THAT was the best deal in FPS history.

    Looks like a lot of fun for 15 bucks, But I’m really not a fan of 3rd person cover.

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