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Given how much I’ve been absorbed into Battlefield: Bad Company 2 lately, I’ve had some time to do some thinking. Namely, I’m reminiscing on all the great multiplayer shooters of days gone by, thinking fondly back to the amount of time I’ve invested into each one. There were highs, lows and rage quits galore, sure, but a truly great multiplayer shooter is a dime a dozen. They’re not always easy to come by.

So, it got me thinking: what was my favorite multiplayer shooter of all time? What one game or franchise, when stacked up against all the others, provided what I felt to be the long-last memories that only a special game can bring. That’s why I decided to create this nifty poll.

What is the best multiplayer shooter franchise of all time?

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Eventually, Counter-Strike won the match for me. As fun as everything else is, I just can’t get away from all the time I sank into CS for all those years. Even now, I find myself tempted to play it, even after all the time I spent using it to make Leet World. So, you should vote and tell us what your favorite multiplayer shooter of all time is. Go!

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18 thoughts on “Vote on the Multiplayer Shooter Grudge Match”

  1. Definitely Halo for me, hands down. I’ve tried CS, but I absolutely hate it because of all the instant headshot mods and all that BS.

  2. Counter Strike is easily the best. It has stood the test of time, and continues to be the most consistant.

    $16000, All-Talk and No Tryhards : Can’t go wrong at [MEAN] Slaugherhouse =).

  3. It’s a really close call between TF, CS, BF and other for Goldeneye 64… I think I’ll go for TF just for the shear amount of time I’ve put into it, both mapping and playing.

  4. Counter Strike. It’s the one I’ve played the longest, and it’s the one that I can’t get bored of, unless I take a break from it. The other ones are great, too, but CS has a lot more that it can bring, from originality to personal customization.

  5. Even if CS is the game I’ve been playing for most of my gaming life, TF holds a special spot in my heart.

    Also, I have a fun idea.
    When we do GS PC Community night (by my calculations, in the year 2017, when Pokemon will dominate the world with their animated fist), we could have a CS server where the SFF guys would play as their Leet World characters, talking and acting like them.
    It would be EPIC FUNZ!

  6. PrO-bOy, I think that’s an awesome idea. I’d get CSS just to see that!

    I’m kinda torn between CoD (for 4/MW1) and BF (for Bad Company 2). I’ll say BF because Call of Duty doesn’t have the equivelant of Battlefield Moments (TM). Also, working as a team with friends takes the experience to a whole new level.

  7. It was a toss-up between Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike.
    CS:S tops the fps genre in that it requires the most skill, has the steepest learning curve, and possesses everything that is required to make an awesome FPS without overblowing it. I still play CSS quite a bit and love every minute of it. It is by far the best clan game.
    Team Fortress 2, however, stands out as being truly unique in that no other FPS comes even close to matching it in style and unique game play. It is till THE most chaotic and class-intensive game I have played to date.
    Many other games might try to build on CSS but get it wrong, whereas TF2 stands alone as a one-of-a-kind game.
    My vote goes to TF2.

  8. [quote comment=”10737″]PrO-bOy, I think that’s an awesome idea. I’d get CSS just to see that![/quote]


  9. So far, Anyone who has talked about the “CS” vote has talked about CS:S… which is NOT counter-strike. As far as I’m concerned, if the vote meant CS:S, there is no way in hell I would have voted for it.

    If you guys are comparing the other choices to Counter-Strike SOURCE: than any choice other than CS:S is the right one.

    But CS, The real, true, Half-Life Mod CS is the best multiplayer experience thus far.

  10. Haha, you guys must not have been around for the old server days, early in the life of TLW. One of the MOTD rules? Don’t ask us to do TLW voices 🙂

  11. [quote comment=”10743″] Don’t ask us to do TLW voices :)[/quote]

    Fair enough, my good sir. But still… PC Community Night? When? What? Who? How? Wait,what? :S

  12. Aww Eddy, you just killed the moment 🙁 But yeah, I’m sure it would have become annoying very quickly.

  13. Well Julez, I’m thinking of them both together, and the time I’ve sunk into them. But yes, Counter-Strike is the superior one by far.

  14. [quote comment=”10747″]I say for PC night, we all play farmville.[/quote]

    Fine by me. But please, just tell us when is it going to be!
    I beg you, good sir!
    A frag! My kingdom for a frag!

  15. Hahaha, nice one Anthony.

    And for the PC Night, I CALL MONTROSE!!! lol

    Aaanyway, it was a close call between…well all of these series, but I narrowed it down to TF2. Although if it was a choice, I’d choose Left 4 Dead.
    Even though I am abysmal at CSS, it’s still really rewarding when I get that single headshot in a game, so I can still have fun even though I die a lot. I’ve barely played CSS, so I’m learning but am getting better.
    If I was going to pick CoD, I would go with CoD4 because it isn’t as much of a maggotwhoresacknoobfest as MW2.
    I’m not that big of a Battlefield fan, but 1943 and Bad Co. 2 were a lot of fun. Still I wouldn’t rate it as my favorite series of all time simply because it requires a good squad to play the game at all. Luckily, once in a while my squadmates are on and we play some great games.
    I was a huge Halo fan for a long while, and when I returned to Halo 3 recently, I actually liked it a bit. But by far, Halo 1 was a fantastic game and I still play the PC version. I’m stoked for Reach which will combine the great ideas and features from all the Halos plus add more goodies, so Reach is looking to be an awesome package. So it was a close call between Halo and TF.
    I chose Team Fortress (2) because it’s a superb game. The design of the classes – aesthetically and gameplaywise – is an expert job by Valve, the gods of gaming. Each class feels like I can do some good work with it, even though by the end of match I’ll probably just degrade into a Pyro, but at least Pyros are fun and still balanced compared to the other classes which are also balanced. The design, flow, and fun of TF2 is quite unique, and even though I’m not the best player, I can still have a lot of fun.

    I was actually going to pick Other and then say that I picked either Martian Winter Warzone, Reikiritsu HSALE: Japan, or Outbreak: ZASS, but nobody would get the joke.

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