GamerSushi Asks: More Likely?

Zoltar- BigSo it seems that everybody’s favorite features here are the ones where we all get to share a little more about our gaming preferences. Personally, I’m a big fan of the discussions that happen in these threads, and it’s one of my favorite parts about writing and participating here- seeing what you dudes think and being able to bounce stuff back and forth.

As such, we’ve come up with a new questionnaire of sorts: More Likely. Here, I ask all of us to put on our best fortune telling caps, and divine the future like some kind of Gamestradamus. We will make our predictions and only time will tell who the real winners are in this game. The way this works is simple: just answer which of these things you think is more likely. Feel free to go into as little or as much detail as to the reasons for your answer.

So without further ceremony, allow me to get the ball rolling…

1. More Likely to Happen First: Final Fantasy XV or the PS4?

2. More Likely to Live Up to the Hype: Halo Reach or Starcraft 2?

3. More Likely to Have Staying Power: Motion control or 3D?

4. More Likely to Take Motion Control to the Next Level: Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft?

5. More Likely to Get Made First by Activision: Call of Duty RTS or Call of Duty 3rd Person Shooter?

Alright dudes- predict away!

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11 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: More Likely?”

  1. 1. PS4, I think. Not sure.

    2. Halo Reach!! Lately the MP info as made my head asplode.

    3. 3d, motion control is a gimmick, although so is 3d…

    4. Microsoft, maybe Sony. I think Natal’s going where the future is, while the Move is 50 times better than the Wii.

    5. A CoD TPS, they have already shown there is a crowd for it with the TPS playlists in MW2.

  2. First of all, Gamestradamus? – big laughs.

    1. I don’t keep tabs much on FF or PlayStation anymore… But judging by the question, I’d have to laugh and say PlayStation 4.

    2. Halo Reach. Starcraft is just another RTS, isn’t it? *roll*

    3. Both gimmicks, both annoying. They’ll probably both stay around…

    4. Sony because they’re the best at what they do.

    5. Hmm, I’d say RTS just because I wouldn’t want to play either, but RTS seems like the worst idea, which means it will probably happen.

  3. …And then you use the results to craft your bets in mafia gaming-themed horse races? I like this game.

    1. FFXV. FFXIV isn’t even out yet, and Japanese devs tend to take their time on their big franchises, but the PS3 came out in 2006, and only reached a viable price point recently. The PS2 had a 6-year run, and it’s only been 4 for a console that should, based on its cost, have a longer retail lifetime.

    2. Starcraft 2. As much as I dislike Blizzard on principle from time to time, they and Valve are the only companies that come to mind when I think of consistently excellent games in every regard.

    3. 3D. N3DS, I’m looking at you!

    4. It pains me to say this, but Microsoft. Natal tracks the body, and while it does have a slower reaction time, that will become just another millisecond-response controller in the next-gen. Plus, head tracking is probably going to be the future of 3D, so who knows, it could also be the next leap in 3D tech.

    5. 3rd-person shooter. There’s so much generic formula for them to use, they just won’t be able to resist.

  4. 1. FF XV. Since FF XIV comes out THIS YEAR and the engine is built already, they can poop them out quicker.

    2. Halo Reach. PC gamers bitch too much about every little change these days, plus it’s split up into 3 purchases.

    3. Motion control. it’s here to stay.

    4. This is tough b/c Natal doesn’t appeal to me at all and the Move is like the Wii, but more advanced. So I will say all of them, just in different ways.

    5.3rd person shooter. They already have the template from MW 2

  5. 1. FFXV… because the gaming world is showng no signs of ‘next-gen console’ except for us PC users with new video cards, psu’s, etc, coming out every month

    2. Not a Halo fan but starcraft 2 doesn’t differ much from the original but good graphics and a few more changes… I think Halo reach will meet the hype level.

    3. 3-d… motion control will pass… 3-d has been around since the movies

    4. Natal ftw = 360

    5. 3rd person shooter.. but who cares? they all suck

  6. 1. Launch game for the PS4 maybe?

    2. Halo Reach, but I only say that as Starcraft doesn’t interest me in the slightest and I have faith in Bungie.

    3. Motion control. Nintendo have shown how people will clamour for it.

    4. All three in the same way as now: They each have a solution to three different problems.

    5. Third Person Shooter. There is meant to be that new Call of Duty Action Adventure so I’m guessing this will be similar to that whole idea.

  7. 1. Seeing as how X to XII took 3-4 years (even though they already had the engine built) and the fact that Square Enix is already working on next gen engines… ( ), I’m going to go with the PS4 on this one.

    2. I’m going to say Halo Reach, even though it’s almost impossible for any Halo game to hit the level of hype they pump into it.

    Also, Anthony, I’m going to take exception to your comment about PC gamers bitching about everything – kind of a generalization there, dude.

    3. Sadly, I’m going to “push” on this one and say both. Motion control is here to say, and that one bothers me less.

    4. Honestly, on a surface level the tech for Natal seems capable of more than either the Move or Wii, which are largely similar (though Move seems like better tech than that, even). I’m going to tentatively say Natal, until E3, when they actually show more stuff. On paper it sounds better, but we all know how that turns out when faced with cold hard reality.

    5. 3rd person shooter, for sure. But I won’t be surprised if an RTS game is already in the works and hot on its heels.

  8. 1. Definitely the PS4.

    2. Starcraft 2. Korea will go batshit insane for that, and even though I was never into the first, the second looks great.

    3. Motion controls. Wii is a huge hit for the modern family. Why wouldn’t Nintendo farm that market?

    4. Natal has a small chance of being okay, but we already know Remote-style controllers suck. So I guess i’ll go with Microsoft.

    5. A CoD RTS game for consoles makes me shudder. 3rd person shooter makes a little sense.

  9. 1) I’m pretty sure Final Fantasy XIX is already in the works.

    2) Well I’m personally psyched for Reach but not for Starcraft 2, but in terms of sheer number of people squealing, I bet SC2 is going to have more of an impact. Reach might not be accepted by some of the Halo community, but of course they can go kill themselves. 😀

    3) Dude, Motion Control is ghey. 3D has a better chance.

    4) Sony and Microsoft are probably just going to copy the Wii’s suggestive motions and ideas, so the Wii is still probably going to be moving forward. Either way, it’s ghey.

    5) A third-person CoD is more likely. Because, you know, it’s already been made. It’s called MW2. Third Person playlists. Read about it.

  10. 1. FFXV will be a PS4 launch title
    2. Don’t care about Starcraft 2
    3. Both will have staying power in the casual market.
    4. Microsoft. Nintendo isn’t changing, and Sony is copying Nintendo.
    5. 3rd Person Shooter. The 3rd Person mode in MW2 was a test for a full 3rd Person game

  11. 1. PS4 at this point, I think.

    2. Ehh, probably Reach. SC2 will be great, but I honestly don’t expect too much from it.

    3. Motion Control. I hope, anyways. 3D makes me nauseous.

    4. Microsoft. A Microsoft rep did a presentation at a friend’s business course, and he said it blew him away.

    5. Well, since Company of Heroes is a bout 100 times more awesome than anything Activision can crap out, I’m going to say a TPS…AND, I will predict that it will be an Army of Two rip-off. Not Gears, though. Gears is too good.

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