Brevity is Not the Soul of Wit for MGS Peace Walker Trailer

Oh, Hideo Kojima and your crazy gameplay conventions. More than any other gaming franchise in the history of our hobby, Metal Gear Solid has been equal parts awesome and puzzling. Where else can you be sneaking through an enemy base like a bad-ass at one moment and the then staring at a Playboy to regain your…ahem…”Stamina” the next? Besides being completley out to lunch, Metal Gear games are also famous for their propensity to drag on and on, and this new trailer for the upcoming PSP game Peace Walker is no exception. Clocking in at eight minutes, it shows three Snakes on a mission to take out a helicopter and tie some dudes to balloons. Go ahead and watch:

As easy as it is to make fun of Metal Gear, there’s no denying that this game looks solid. Heck, it even makes me want to buy a PSP even though all my handheld love is currently going into Pokemon Gold. What do you guys think about this trailer? I’m still trying to work out why this game isn’t a full fledged PS3 title, but it looks like it might just work. Sound off!

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7 thoughts on “Brevity is Not the Soul of Wit for MGS Peace Walker Trailer”

  1. Well the demo shocases how brilliant it works on a handheld making it on of the few third person games with camera control to work on the PSP. I can’t wait for it.

  2. “…completley out to lunch…” and “As easy as it is to make fun of Metal Gear…”

    Metal Gear Solid was one of the best games on Playstation. MGSII was one of the best games on PS2.

    Now, I grant you, once I heard about “snake eater”, i gave up on the franchise. I didn’t want my awesome game to be mixed with The Sims. eating stuff in the wild, and all that.. ‘you know’…

    But the first two games, hey… Ain’t nothing to be made fun of. Easily two of the best games ever crafted.

    Also: with a “I Can’t WAIT” game, an 8 minute trailer would be a blessing. Mafia II? Alan Wake? YES PLEASE. But since I have NO idea what’s going on, you’re right, this 8 minutes is a LONG 8 minutes.


  3. Being a massive Metal Gear Fan, I’m sad to see it go to the PSP. However, I have a PSP, so I’ll have to get it anyways.

    But for Julez, I think you missed out on one of the best Metal Gear Solid titles which was Snake Eater. The eating stuff was like 1% of the game and everything else was pure awesome. The music and setting was Metal Gear meets James Bond. In some ways, I liked it more than MGS4.

  4. Wait, wait…The first “two” games? Raiden running naked? Ascending Colon? Solidus and his armor-piercing P90s?

    You can find stuff to poke fun at in every game, but Metal Gear has always had some weird parts.

    And yeah, Snake Eater is probably the best MGS like The Nage said. I always have trouble getting past The Pain, though…too many bees.

  5. Well Raiden running naked was cute! . . .

    I guess you could poke fun at a few of the things, but at the time I played them it all made sense.

    I’ve heard as many people tell me that Snake Eater was the worst one. But MGSII was absolutely incredible at the time I played it. Maybe it was
    just the time and place I was at.

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