Just Cause 2 Brings Madness and Mayhem

I never got to play the original Just Cause, but I remember playing its demo nearly non-stop for several days straight. I loved the free-falling so much, it reminded me of the flying in Super Mario 64. However, when reviews started releasing, it became clear that the game had little much to offer in terms of variety and lasting appeal.

Now that the sequel is out, I’m curious about the franchise again. This new Madness and Mayhem Montage certainly bolsters the idea that this could actually be a pretty fun game. Has anyone here played it?

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5 thoughts on “Just Cause 2 Brings Madness and Mayhem”

  1. I too only played the demo for Just Cause 1, and it was a lot of fun. I’ve been playing the demo for Just Cause 2 a LOT and they have definitely fixed a lot of things that made the first one boring.

    To me, this is a must play, even if it’s just the demo. Easily the most fun I’ve had with a single player experience in years. Tethering things together and causing destruction?
    yeah, lets do it.

  2. Started playing the full game tonight. I can’t believe how much fun it is.

    On the topic about how voice acting and poor writing ruins games: Yeah, this game DEFINITELY suffers from it… But it’s just sooo much fun that it’s easy to over look the ‘what the hell is going on and who cares’ story line.

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