Gaming Pop Quiz, Spring 2010 Edition

Ah, Spring is rolling on in, bringing with it a wave of warmth, pollen and a fresh batch of new games. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I was still trying to catch up on new games at this time of the year. Not that I’m complaining or anything. Anyway, in honor of the bountiful harvest of gaming goodness, we’ve brought a new pop quiz!

Here’s how it works: We’ve come up with 7 different questions about your gaming history. As always with our getting-to-know-you type games, feel free to answer with as much or as little as you like. Obviously, some of these things you might not remember, but answer to the best of your ability. Go!

1. Do you do any portable gaming? If not, what would it take to get you into it? (PSP, iPhone, DS)

2. What would you rather see? A quicker sequel to a favorite game, or wait until the next generation so it can take advantage of better technology?

3. Do you prefer more lone-wolf based multiplayer games (i.e MW2) or more team-oriented titles (Team Fortress 2, Bad Company 2)

4. If given the opportunity to use voice chat, do you utilize it?

5. Does good voice acting/writing affect your enjoyment of a title?

6. Sonic and Mega Man are getting throwback games. What other retro mascot would you like to see take a trip back in time?

7. If one genre of gaming were to disappear forever, which one would you miss the most? The least?

Quiz away, bros.

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15 thoughts on “Gaming Pop Quiz, Spring 2010 Edition”

  1. 1. Touchgrind on an iPhone.
    2. A quicker sequel (gt5).
    3. Since I don’t have a mic for my ps3, I’d say lone wolf. Even when I played TF2, I mostly played as a spy.
    4. I think I would.
    5. Nope. Although Uncharted 2 was a great game, I didn’t feel moved by the story or by the voice acting.
    6. Sonic.
    7. All of them both least and most. There’s a great game I love in every genre, and it goes the other way ’round, there are FPS/driving games that make me want to go up to their devs and poke them with a fork that has been dipped in horsecrap seconds before my arrival at the front door of a certain dev’s house on a lovely sunday morning.

  2. 1.) I used to do Gameboy and DS, but not anymore.
    2.)A quicker sequel, in most cases. Games like Doom and what-not are games I’d rather wait for.
    3.)I enjoy both, switching between each type is enjoyable.
    4.)Most of the time, unless I really feel like concentrating.
    5.)Depends on the title and my expectations. I could’ve played, say, Fallout 3 without any good voice-overs, but still enjoy it, because I’d just go around killing everyone so I wouldn’t have to hear them talk XD
    6.)I can’t really think of any others.
    7.)The most, I’d miss Open World games, because they tend to offer a lot more. The least, I’d miss MMO RPG’s, they just aren’t my thing.

  3. 1. Playing Pokemon HeartGold right now, actually. Don’t judge me.

    2. Quicker sequel. Mass Effect 3 plox.

    3. Usually team based, especially if points are involved. Sweet sweet ammo points in BC2.

    4. Nah, not really. Kind of odd considering I prefer team-oriented games. I mostly play those with friends, however.

    5. Yes, actually. I can usually force my way through it, but sometimes it’s too much.

    6. Metroid, maybe a very old-school Zelda.

    7. Err, probably FPSes I would miss the most. As for the least, RTSes. I play them a lot, but I like RPGs, MMOs and FPSes a lot more.

  4. 1- No.

    2- Quicker if they can still deliver innovative gameplay.

    3- Team oriented by far.

    4- Sometimes.

    5- Yes. Doesn’t have to be AAA work, but if it’s noticeable, then that’s a bad sign.

    6- Does Crash Bandicoot count?

    7- Can’t really tell.

  5. 1.Yes, I use my PSP. I mainly play a few faves (Gitaroo Man Lives!, Syphon Filter Dark Mirror/Logan’s Shadow) or classics (MGS1 and FFVII (I still haven’t completed FFVII))
    2. How quick? It can be in the same generation or the next as long as it has had enough time to let the devs make a good game.
    4. Yes. But only with friends.
    5. Yes. Bioshock 1 would have been rather dull without good writing and voice acting which really brought the characters to life.
    6. I’m too young for naming retro mascots.
    7. Miss: FPS
    Not miss: Sports. The extreme variety WOULD be missed however.

  6. YES! ANOTHER ONE! I really love these pop quizzes, guys. Keep ’em up!

    1. When I was a wee lil lad, I played Handheld games a LOT. That was my main console, particularly the GBA. That was my Golden Age of handhelds. I loved the vast library of quality titles that fit into the tiny rectangle (or super high tech flip-out SP!) because of their simplicity yet surprisingly thorough gameplay and effects. The GBA will forever be the symbol of my childhood. Oh man, I get so nostaglic. Ha, we used to have to worry about batteries! Ah, I miss the days before this latest generation. Good times.
    Ahem. Anyway, now I play games on my stationary consoles (360 and PC) because the Handheld games of late are just worthless compared to not just the stationary consoles of today but also the handheld consoles of ye olden tymes. There’s really not much that could pursuade me back into handhelds, especially in our modern age of HD graphics on a large screen and other features that have become the norm that are only possible on full stationary consoles. So in short, there is nothing I seek nor dream of seeking in today’s handheld industry.

    2. So L4D2 vs. Half-Life 3. I’d go for the sequel that takes longer but takes advantage of the new generation. As long as the sequel isn’t just a thrown-together gimmick-prostituting cash monkey, I’d rather have a more thoroughly developed and enjoyable sequel than a rehash of the prequel that feels old and used-up. (Btw, I don’t hate L4D2 even though I personally think it would have been smarter for Valve to just focus on L4D1 and find a way to make their gameplay changes with DLC or an update in order to keep people happy and not have to abandon L4D1 for 2. I don’t know if that’s possible, but I’m Valve the Almighty could have thought of something. Whatever, at least they’re continuing to support both titles.)

    3. Oh my good golly holly, this is not even a question. TEAM-BASED! I have the utmost disdain for Lone-Wolf games. If a game not only rewards but gives incentive for players to work together, that makes my team’s victory even more satisfying and worth it. Even if you are matched with players who can’t work well together, it gives me the same feeling if it’s a bad team or a lone wolf game. Teamwork is superior to lone-wolf frag fests when one asshole can dominate an entire game. That’s just irritating and makes for a worthless game. What’s the point of having teams in CoD if you’re just fighting for yourself and everyone else on your team is either a distraction or a nuisance?

    4. Heck yeah. Voice chat is necessary for teams to work together, and I prefer cooperative team players who inspire you and your other teammates to work together, over silent lone wolf bastards who are just there.

    5. Absolutely. Story or campaign modes need a deep and well-developed story and smooth and effective writing to be enjoyable and worthwhile, and good voice-acting helps the story or even just the environment, even in multiplayer, to be more believable and immersive.

    6. Uh, none. There’s something about old characters returning that can really ruin a series. But at gunpoint, I’d have to say another Warioware game, whether on the DS or the Wii, would be awesome.

    7. The RPG. Even modern FPS’s benefit from having RPG elements, and customizing characters and using variables to affect and expand gameplay is my favorite method of spicing up games. Variety is the spice of life and death, son.
    And I wouldn’t miss Sport games. Well, Madden and NFL-type games. They’re gay. ;D

    Great questions! Can’t wait for the next quiz!

  7. 1. I love some of the DS and PSP games that are out there, but it’s just hard to choose the handheld over the 46″ LCD. If I traveled more, I would be all over it.

    2. Quicker sequel, as long as it’s not rushed. I’m glad that we’re going to get 2 Halo and 3 Mass Effect games all in this gen, for instance. Final Fantasy on the other hand…

    3. I would much rather play a team game like Bad Company 2, but occasionally I love feeling like a one man army in Halo 3. Nothing like just wrecking shop on an entire team singlehandedly.

    4. If I’m with friends, I will. Otherwise, I just mute everybody and play.

    5. Both will greatly affect it. Right now, the story of Final Fantasy XIII is hindering the overall experience for me, even though I’m really loving the game so far. Also, one bad voice can really lower my enjoyment of a scene or grouping of scenes. Vanille, I’m looking at you.

    6. I would say Mario, but we’re already getting a few of those. Besides that, Earthworm Jim, baby.

    7. I think I would miss RPG’s the most. Sports the least.

  8. 1. Not really, I’m not away from home long enough to ever use it.

    2. Depends on how long they wait. If it’s longer than three years just go ahead and make it on current gen.

    3. Team definitely. I find it so much more fun (What’s more fun than tracer darts stuck to your teammates?)

    4. Always. Communication with others is a big reason I play MP in games.

    5. Absolutely. Poor writing and/or acting ruins titles for me.

    6. Duke Nukem haha

    7. RPG’s. If that ever happened I would slip into depression. The least would definitely be JRPG’s. Goes back to the whole bad writing/acting thing, something JRPG’s are so often the culprits of. Sports can go too.

  9. 1. Yes, all the time. DS FTW.

    2. Faster sequels. Who the hell wants to pay money for a new system?

    3.Lone wolf. People get in the way.

    4. Depends if I am playing with friends, yes. Strangers, no.

    5. Nope. I can look past it all. Hence my love for Symphony of the Night

    6. Earthworm Jim.

    7. RPGS i would miss the most. Music games can go now, please.

  10. 1. when I was younger, pokemon yellow was so addictive. still have my cartridge with the original 6 pokemon from the show all level 99. but not really anymore, I find other people to be alot more interesting.
    2.faster sequels, damn you valve based, most played multiplayer is TEAM fortress 2.
    4. yes, duh, but not spam
    5.not really, only if it is just extremely atrocious. I can listen to those bad voice acting video’s and I am fine with it. ssometimes the bad voice acting adds to the experience.
    6. The San Diego Chicken?
    7. western RPG’s, would not be that sad if the JRPG died out. but ditto on the music games. They are just crap rhythm games with popular music, not that great.

  11. 1. Used to have a Gameboy pocket for Pokemon, Mortal Combat and of course, Rampart.

    2. Depends. If it’s a game with a great story, then sequel soon please. If it’s just a “fun” game, then I don’t mind waiting to see what the devs can get out of it with better tech.

    3. Usually team based games. I get too tense in spooky games, but having an extra guy there, even AI controlled, makes it easier to play haha.

    4. Only for our non-serious CS server. never for geeky call outs and commanding.

    5. Absolutely. More the writing than the voice acting. I am pretty forgiving for actor’s who are in video games.

    6. Isn’t it obvious? Spanky from Spanky’s Adventure.

    7. Most: Good games
    Least: Bad games (RTS on a serious note)

  12. 1. I play DS a little, but i dont really buy any games for it, just play old ones.

    2. I need Mass Effect 2 now. I don’t care how bad the graphics and gameplay are, just give me the Normandy and character interaction.

    3. I can’t stand MW2 for this very reason. There is never a coordinated effort to fight the other team. It’s basically a deathmatch with people you dont shoot at.

    4. No. People on the internet are mostly assholes, or way to serious. Unless I’m with friends.

    5. Yes. Another reason I disliked MW2. The story was the most incoherent thing since MGS4.

    6. I’m also to young to really remember games of an earlier era, but i would like another great Duck Hunt style game. me and my friend wasted a night on that a while back doing trick shots and stuff. It was awesome.

    7. I really need Mass Effect 3. Bad. I love Bioware. But i can live without Rock Band.

  13. 1. My PSP (with custom firmware) is my portable entertainment center, I have books, movies, music and games with me wherever I go.

    2. This is a toss up for me, I think i would rather see a quicker sequal though.

    3. I prefer the more lone wolf games, it’s much easier for me to just go and do without having to get a group together to do something.

    4. I do use voice chat when i am able, i prefer interacting with other people when I’m playing online.

    5. Depending on the game it can be very important to me. The main reason I started playing Halo was because the story caught my interest.

    6. I would love to see a redo on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that gets back to their origins. A dark, violent, bloody game where weapons really cut and kill.

    7. Gotta have my FPS in just about any form, I can sure live without racing games though, there is just no excitement there for me.

  14. 1. The most I do of this is play Bejewelled and Wolfenstein RPG on my cell phone.

    2. Probably a quicker sequel. I have bad experiences with sequels that wait just so they can use new effects. It seems they forget about what made the game originally great and go for bastardizing it by replacing all the fun stuff with pretty stuff.

    3. Team-based definitely, even if I have a tenancy to go lone-wolf in team-based games.

    4. Always.

    5. Good voice acting doesn’t affect a game in a good way as much as bad voice acting affects a game in a bad way. Which isn’t saying a whole lot because bad voice acting infinitely affects a game’s quality.

    6. There’s a few. Doom, Sparkster (from Rocket Knight Adventures, not the Sparkster titles), and possibly Vectorman. I really liked those.

    7. 2D platformers. They’re kinda in-between being relevant and being forgotten while people are focusing more on FPSs. I love FPSs as much as the next guy, but my ammount of being crushed by them disappearing would be nothing compared to how crushed I would be if platformers disappeared forever. I can’t really think off the top of my head a genre that I wouldn’t miss, except maybe Dating Sims. Those could disappear and I’d never pay any mind.

  15. 1. My DS is how I game on the go. SMT, pokemon, it’s all good.

    2. Depends on the developer. In most cases, (EA, Blizzard, Ubisoft) I’d prefer a quick sequel. If it’s a developer I really trust to make great games though, like Valve, then I’d want to wait for their attempt at ‘next-gen’.

    3. I prefer team-oriented game. The way I see it, TF2 was the Concorde moment of multiplayer gaming…we might never again see a multiplayer game that good in this generation, because of the teamwork required.

    4. Yes, especially since I mostly play team-oriented games where cooperation is key (see above)

    5. Good writing does, but I don’t care about voice acting. Great voice acting is awesome, campy voice acting is hilarious.

    6. Spyro the dragon…they weren’t really retro but I can’t count the hours I’ve thrown into those games.

    7. I’d miss RPGs the most for one simple reason; everything is an RPG these days. Even games like MW2 and Blur have classes and levels. I wouldn’t miss sports games or fighting games, though.

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