Brink Trailer Wants to Catch You Rolling

Brink is a title I’ve had my eye on for quite a while, but there’s been surprisingly few trailers for the upcoming First Person Shooter/free-running game. It’s got all the things I love about current generation shooters: persistent stats, customizable characters, and co-op. The game features something called SMART, which stands for Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain. Check out an example of that in the trailer:

It looks like pre-rendered stuff, but it’s a good example of the game’s art direction. Does this pique your interest? If you do pick it up, which platform will it be for?

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4 thoughts on “Brink Trailer Wants to Catch You Rolling”

  1. just looking at it, this is probably a must get for me. Looked at some actual gameplay its astounding.

  2. This game has been in my sights for quite a while. It looks like a great co-op-action-packed-FPSRPG/Free-running-game and in today’s market we need MORE of those!

  3. looks a lot like a offspring of borderlands and what mirrors edge was supposed to be like. sign me up 😀

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