Chaos Rising Trailer is a Bloody Good Time

While I’ve been known to bemoan the stripping down of traditional Real Time Strategy mechanics, there’s one game that goes about it the right way: Dawn of War II by Relic. You may know Relic for their previous excellent strategy games like the original Dawn of War and Company of Heroes. While you needed a PC of the most beefy variety to play CoH, there’s no denying that it had some of the most dynamic game-play I’ve ever seen in a strategy title. Dawn of War took that and refined it a little more, focusing completely on unit manipulation in the field. A lot of upcoming RTSes purport that they want you to feel “attached” to your cannon fodder, but DoW2 comes the closest. A new expansion came out recently, and it’s been getting some rave reviews. Check out the trailer, heretics.

Has anyone else tried this game yet? If so, what did you think of the original, and do you miss the battlefields covered in carpets of slain Orks? Are you going to pick this expansion up? Just for extra nerd cred, who here paints Warhammer figurines? I have a few painted myself.

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3 thoughts on “Chaos Rising Trailer is a Bloody Good Time”

  1. I’ve never play the computer games, but i play Warhammer 40K here and there. I’ve painted a nice army for my self too. Hurray for nerd cred!

  2. Never played the DoW games much, but am currently been playing a bit of CoH, so if any of you guys have it just add me to your friends and we could play a game. My nick is FlyingTurkey.

  3. Played it. Beat it. Enjoyed it. My only complaint so far is the campaigns good vs evil thing. Almost all of the super powerful new weapons,armor and skills are chaos based, and on my first playthrough I wanted to be the good guy. Last boss was a joke though. Played him like a WoW boss, kiting him around with my commander while having my ranged guys pick him off. lol. But he also had like 600k health…so it took 10 minutes.

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