Modern Warfare 2 Machinima: No Russian

I am a man who has an affinity for some mighty fine machinima from time to time. That’s why I’ve taken a liking to a cool new video by YouTube user Michael Barnes, who has produced a new Modern Warfare 2 machinima titled No Russian.

The video is basically a re-telling of Modern Warfare 2’s plot, with different camera angles and what looks to be some sick as hell settings on his video card. I honestly don’t remember Modern Warfare 2 looking this good, but I really like what he’s done and how he’s cut everything together. Impressive stuff, I must say. Anyway, give it a watch and revel. That’s an order.


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5 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Machinima: No Russian”

  1. That was… beautiful.
    Better than some animation movies, in my opinion.
    What one motivated individual can do with a copy of Modern Warfare 2, an awesome computer and the necessary time and tools is remarkable.
    At the end, I shed a tear.
    Maybe GS should start rating machinima as well.
    I give this one an S.
    Hands down.

  2. These graphics are absolutely, ineffably beautiful. It’s funny how much difference better lighting and effects can have on the realism. I mean for those first few shots of the Task Force guys storming the estate, I thought that was real. Oh man, this is some incredible cinematography.

  3. I think i like this video better than the game. This one was comprehensible. Anyway, this looked crazy. Especially the way the snipers looked, it was just unbelievable.

  4. Yes, this game looks absolutely brilliant on a powerful enough PC like my i7 920 and GeForce GTX 275. But it’s also the shaky camera that really brings out all the stuff you don’t see while you’re running and gunning through the game…

    I think I’m gonna play some MW2 now, thanks.

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