Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer is Out of This World

If there’s one thing that Nintendo knows how to do well, it’s stringing along the hardcore over and over again. Just when you feel like trading your Wii in, Nintey hits you with a one-two combination of their top tier franchises. This time it’s Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M which have release dates of May 23 and June 27, respectivley. Below is a trailer for Mario Galaxy 2, so check it out why don’t you.

I remember hearing that Galaxy 2 is going to be significantly harder than the original, and judging by this trailer I can definitely believe it. Is anyone else excited about this?

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7 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer is Out of This World”

  1. what happened to the old mario that I loved. waaah. But this looks legit, but not enough to get a wii. Just gonna play it at my cousins house.

  2. Okay, now that actually looks really fun. But what’s with Nintendo and tops all of a sudden?

    Anyway, what’s with that one robot boss controlled by Bowser Jr. having bosoms?

  3. Wow, yeah, that looks fantastic. I loved the first game, and played the hell out of it until I got to the purple coin levels and had my ass handed to me over and over again. I’m definitely going to be picking this one up.

  4. Loved the first one, and am definitely getting excited about this one. My only concern is whether or not you can take Yoshi with you from level to level, and how much he’s in the game. The new Yoshi powers look like they’ll add some interesting parts to overcome.

  5. I’m not that impressed tbh. If it’s harder then that can only be a good thing as the first was WAY too easy. I’ll still play it, but I can’t actually see anything that made me want to play it right now, this second, if not then sooner.

  6. What made Super Mario Wii so great was that it was a sidescroller. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for some inovation – and I haven’t played the last galaxy game… But I have played Mario64 and Mario Sunshine… Frankly, give me my 2D goodness without pointing some device at the screen, or “flicking the controller” to pick up an object/spin jump… I cant count how many times in Supermario Wii I flicked the controller by accident and ended up in Lava (you guys don’t want a game without lava right? forgettaboutit!)

    Why not just have 4 buttons like they always did?

    Meh. I’m sure it will end up at our house at some point and then I can say for sure. Hope it’s fun.

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