After Burner Climax Video Shoots a Lot of Missiles

I don’t know how I missed this trailer, but apparently Sega is bringing After Burner Climax to XBLA and the PSN later this year. The trailer for this game looks freaking sweet, and I can’t wait to play it then promptly give up in frustration.

Fix up the music and you’ve got yourself a sale, Sega. Between this and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 coming to consoles later this year, it looks like Sega is back on the path to winning gamer’s hearts once again. Who’s going to pick this up, and for what system? Do any of you remember playing the old version of this in that massive arcade cabinet?

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3 thoughts on “After Burner Climax Video Shoots a Lot of Missiles”

  1. Yeah, my heart just skipped a beat.

    I love Afterburner. This updated version was freaking awesome in the arcade. Nothing like playing an old style rail shooter with photo-realistic graphics.

    Sega has been doing a lot of things right in the last few months between this, the Sonic 4 announcement, and the Sonic kart racing game. Perhaps they’re finally turning themselves around. The Sega fanboy in me desperately hopes so.

    If this is successful, I hope it leads to them bringing more arcade games over to the states as DLC. Planet Harriers? Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder? Please, Sega, don’t make me beg. Oh, and can we finally get Virtual On: OT on PSN?

    Now if only their success could lead them to develop another ill-conceived console with a library of awesome 1st party titles and crappy 3rd party support. It would be just like the old days!

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