StarCraft II Beta is Go: New Footage

If you didn’t know, the StarCraft II closed beta is officially live, with thousands of eager RTS gamers gobbling up the goodness in what is totally not a double entendre. While I was not a huge player of the first game, I know that we’ve got some die hard PC faithful among our ranks at GamerSushi, so I wanted to show you some of the footage that’s floating around these here InterWebs. So far, the game looks like a lot of fun to play, but that’s coming from somebody that doesn’t know a whole lot about the franchise. What do you guys think?

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3 thoughts on “StarCraft II Beta is Go: New Footage”

  1. I am a diehard PC fan, but I just suck at strategy games, especially RTS games. Oh, when I try Empire: Total War, I loved the single player game but only played like an hour of mulitplayer of losses. I played Warcraft 3 and that was a lot of fun and this game looks like they really worked on it a lot, but the only fun I will have through this game is playing at a LAN party… and I hear they disabled LAN a bit while back, (don’t quote me on so, i heard it a long while back), so it’s a no-go for me.

  2. This is probably a must get for me, its just that I will wait for the box set of all three games, I dislike the whole, we will take the game and cut it up into three pieces to make more money. I know there will be more levels in the story mode, but I rather it come as a package. If they want to put alot more effort into each race and stuff, just keep it as one game.
    Oh and that zerg player was getting destroyed

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