Halo: Reach ViDoc Prepped for Combat Insertion

Microsoft’s X10 event wrapped up yesterday, and what a day it was for casual fans and X-Bots alike. Long-coming psychological thriller Alan Wake actually has a release date, and Crackdown 2 is looking very fine in my opinion. The only real disappointment to come out of X10 was the rough-looking trailer for Dead Rising 2, which tempered my excitement for the zombie-slaying sequel a bit. The best news to come out of X10, though, was the announcement of the date for the Halo: Reach beta! Slated for May 3, this beta may be a bit far away but I’m sure that Bungie has some excellent treats to keep the rabid fans sated for a while, like the following ViDoc.

This documentary, even though it’s full of Alpha footage and concept art, has me ridiculously excited for this game. Honestly, when the video gives you a comparison of the graphical changes of the Marine and assault rifle models from Halo 3 to Reach, it’s enough to warm my jaded heart. What do you guys think? Can Bungie finally pull off a more human Halo story? Who else is getting this game?

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8 thoughts on “Halo: Reach ViDoc Prepped for Combat Insertion”

  1. I like how they are trying to go back to what made halo ce great. There definitely was a major difference in gameplay between 1 and 2, halo 3 continued the gameplay style of 2. The major parts of halo 1 were not the story or its gameplay to me, even thought it was good, it was the mood and music. the gameplay was pretty much your basic run n gun game, but it was presented in such a way that it was made much better.

    But personally I think Bungie needs to get the heads out of halo and move one to something else. I loved the first halo, but all the sequels never caught the same essence of the first for me. They need to come up with a new IP, because after 9 years its becoming old and dated

  2. Another game i want! But this one is surprising cause i haven’t cared that much about Halo since Halo 3 came out.

  3. I have new hope for the Halo series. In my opinion the best Halo game was Combat Evolved and seeing Reach taking what that game did great, and making it better bought me a ticket on the bandwagon.

    I saw that bit a 4:45 and thought ‘Oh My God. Legit battles, not skirmishes. Happiness.’

    And seeing the addition of a Semi-Auto DM Rifle and the revamped MA5B leaves me even more excited. If only I owned ODST…

  4. Looks really good! Bungie seem to have found their groove again. My biggest interest in the game is how it will expand the Halo universe. Also, I want to know why those S-III’s aren’t wearing SPi armour!!!!! That one has been affecting in one helluva negative way for whatever reason. I WANT CONTINUITY DAMMIT!

  5. WOW. You guys know I rag on Halo, but this looks amazing. Any behind the scenes / alpha footage always impresses me, hopefully they do a good PC port ;).

    Oh, and Nick: YES… Alan Wake!! =D.

  6. Republic Commando, anybody? C’mon, the only difference is that Scorch is a gal.

    That said, looks amazing; this is the first Halo game I’ve ever actually looked forward to.


    Seriously though, I’m quite jizztatic about Reach [around?]. Longer range weapons is good because I’m sorta sick of the arena-based unrealistic flavor of Halo’s weapons. Believable ranges are ftw. The whole gameplay looks much better too. And who doesn’t love killing Elites! Man, I’m psyched that they’re back, and is their Wort-wort-wortiness! It’s good to know Bungie has realized that Halo CE was sex in a bottle, so good thing they’re going back to their awesome roots. And finally I don’t have to play as the Chief. I was getting a bit sick of the Chief sans Cortana.

    HOT SHIT can’t wait for Reach. I hope Multiplayer is improved too, with more cool modes, better map design, and larger sized maps. I always felt cramped in Halo 3. And I’m sure they’ll bring Forge back and hopefully improve that too. OH FAWK I’M SUPA-SEXY-PSYCHED!!!

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