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Over the weekend, I became the proud owner of a new 46″ Samsung LCD TV. Needless to say, I’m rather excited by this new development. For the past few years, I’ve been gaming on a 32″ Samsung LCD, so this isn’t much of an upgrade in quality (though the last TV was showing some awful image retention issues) as much as it was in size. What was once small is now huge in comparison. I played Mass Effect 2 like crazy today and loved every minute of it.

I know it’s goofy (and maybe more than a little obvious), but I haven’t been this excited about something I’ve purchased in quite some time. The wife and I have said for years that once we bought a house, we’d buy a big TV to match the new living room, so it was time to finally cash in on that deal. Hopefully by the end of the year we’ll pick up a new surround sound system, as ours is old and more than a bit dated.

Anyway, this upgrade got me thinking about you guys, and what you play your games on. So, tell us about your gaming setup. Go!

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  1. Well until September of last year, I was in the living room on a 40″ Sony Bravia.
    As of my birthday (2nd of September) I’ve been playing in my room on a Samsung 22″ TV. I love it! It basically sits on my desk and my PS3, and Wii are beside it (my PS2 and Gamecube are in storage). For a while now, I have been meaning to save up for a surround sound system but,
    a) my room is small so there’s no place to put it and;
    b) I keep buying games so I run out of money!

  2. I have both my laptop and my PS3 hooked up to my 20″ Dell monitor and surround sound. The monitor is a little smaller then what i would like but it was a good deal when i got it so I’m not complaining. I’m hoping to upgrade once I move out for college but it probably won’t happen.

  3. Well, I have my computer (In need of an upgrade and it’s only 3) and my TV/Xbox 360 right next to each other and a nice office chair to swivel between the two. I have a dual-screen monitor setup on my PC and I have a 26″ 720p HDTV with my 360 hooked into one of it’s 3 HDMI ports.

  4. I don’t play consoles much. I’m a PC guy. I built myself a computer this summer so I can actually play games without lag.

    21.6″ LCD Monitor
    AMD 955 3.2ghz processor
    4gb of DDR3 ram
    2 Radeon HD 4870 video cards
    Razer Diamondback 3G mouse
    (the rest doesn’t really matter)

  5. Considering that the average dorm room is about as large as a prison cell, I forgo a real TV for a 23″ monitor and 2.1 speakers, which I have both my PC and 360 running to. Boring, but functional!

  6. I’m still waiting for my tax credit. My wife and I too purchased a home, (woot Obama and his first time home buyer tax credit). I’m buying a new 46-50 inch lcd. We currently have a 42 inch plasma, that my wife has agreed to have put in the bedroom.

    I bought a 360 a couple of weeks ago to complement the TV that is to be moved into the bedroom, I needed something to play netflix, and I figured it was a good excuse to get a 360. I am going to keep the ps3 in the living room with the new tv simply for the blu ray player.

  7. I have two setups in my bedroom. I play PC games a lot but just recently got into the console gaming world with an xbox 360 (thank you ebay!). On my PC I have a 24″ 1080p LCD from asus that is actually a computer monitor with DVI inputs but happens to have a HDMI input if I choose to use that. My computer has a phenom 940 quad core with 3.0ghz, 4gb ram and an 8800gts 320mb graphic card which needs to be upgraded at some point when I feel like spending the cash on it.

    For my 360 I have a 40″ Dynex 1080p…my room isn’t very large that I game in so the 40″ is actually a nice size and games look quite nice as well.

    I will say that Mass Effect 2 looks unbelievably gorgeous on the 24″ on the PC…and it’s smooth as silk, ME2 for the PC surpasses the 360 version in so many ways 🙂

  8. Well, all I have is a 42″ lcd and a ps3. And a 3,0 ghz athlon 64 x2, 1gb of ddr2 ram, 17″ 1280×1024, 8600 gt. Ouuuuh yeah!

  9. Hi , GZ on your new TV btw.

    on pc , all i have for now is my satellite toshiba A200 laptop that is not very powerfull for gaming, but i’ll try buying a gaming desktop this summer, as for consoles, i have plenty of vintage ones for my tiny TV and the PS3 i bought over a year now and a Sony Bravia KDL-32W4000 32 inch LCD… now i want bigger, but i dont really feel like buying another one for 2 or 3 years.

  10. M1kaTck

    It would be a good idea not to get a new one for awhile, because you will probably want to make sure your next tv is 3D capatible or whatever. The PS3 will soon be able to have games turn 3D which should be pretty cool.

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