Metroid: Other M Will Shine More Light on Samus Aran’s Humanity

I’ve always thought that the strongest aspect of Metroid was the franchise’s unique take on narrative; specifically the feeling of loneliness on a hostile alien world. As a series, Metroid hasn’t been stuffed with ancillary characters; it’s all been about Samus and her conflict with the Space Pirates. That being said, the Metroid does have some interesting sci-fi, and I’ve been curious as to what other types of characters inhabit this futuristic series.

It looks like Team Ninja and Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto were thinking along the same lines for the new entry as they recently told Famitsu magazine that Other M will be “[Different] from the rest of the series, this time we’re strongly depicting the human side of Samus through such things as movies,” obviously referring to the smattering of CG-based cut-scenes shown in the Other M announcement trailer at last year’s E3.

While what we can expect from the title gameplay wise still seems to be a mystery given the cryptic answers given in the interview, but Mr. Sakamoto is insistent that the game will have a clear emotional side in addition to being an action title.

What do you guys think? There are a lot of games from Nintendo’s staple franchises on the way, and I’ve been clamoring for a new Metroid for a while. I didn’t get around to playing Prime 2 and 3, but the original Metroid Prime is one of my favorite games of all time. Do you think that the new Metroid should focus on a more human story, or is the stark alien-ness of the previous games more your style?

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6 thoughts on “Metroid: Other M Will Shine More Light on Samus Aran’s Humanity”


    While Other M looks great and I’ve always wanted to see more of Metroid’s story, I think I preferred Metroid’s lack of blatant story. It’s like Valve not shoving L4D’s story in your face, and instead revealing bits and pieces through dialogue and Safe House graffiti. I hope Metroid’s signature effect of making the player feel alone and anxious isn’t ruined by divulging the story so openly.

  2. The only samus-related thing I’ve ever experienced was always playing as her in Super Smash Bros. I’m always excited for a new game though.

  3. @ Anthony: That is the exact reason I HATE 3. I loved Prime 1 and 2’s lack of other characters (or relative lack of characters in 2’s case).
    I have mixed feelings on Other M.
    On one hand: It’s Metroid! 😀 I’ve enjoyed the series ever since Prime 1.
    On the other hand: If the series continues like this, there will be no Prime spiritual successor X( Although, I find it unlikely that Retro won’t make another stunning prime-esque game.

  4. Samus kicked ass in Super Smash Bros. My favorite memories are her going up against Captain Falcon. I love Metroid, but I don’t ever think it’ll have a strong enough story to counter the one moment that you find out Samus is a woman.

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