Get Your Games in Now: Original X-Box Losing LIVE Support

It seems like the end of an era somehow, but as the current generation pushes into the future it had to happen. Microsoft announced their plans to discontinue support for the original X-Box on LIVE today, and that includes playing backwards compatible games online on the 360. X-Box LIVE general manager Marc Whitten explains this move as necessary to facilitate the continued evolution of LIVE as a service, but I’m sure that more than a few people will be disappointed with this action. Microsoft has continually stated that the furtherance of original X-Box games have been holding up certain LIVE features on the 360 such as raising the friend list cap to 100 Gamertags.

While the official press release does do a lot to trumpet the Microsoft horn, it’s good to see that the LIVE team is taking steps to make sure that those who will be adversely affected by this move are being taken care of. Users who are still subscribed to the base LIVE service will receive prorated refunds, and Mr. Whitten had this to say about those being left behind:

“We will contact the X-Box LIVE members directly impacted by this change and if this includes you, I encourage you to check your LIVE messages and associated e-mail account over the coming weeks for more details and opportunities. We view you as a partner in this process.”

Interesting developments indeed, but what innovations are coming to LIVE that required this change? Who here is going to get in a few more games before the serivce gets axed on April 15? Just for kicks, what were your favorite original X-Box games to play online? Halo 2 was a good one, obviously, but who played Crimson Skies? Oh yeah, have you heard that XBL Arcade crested a hundred million in sales last year?

Source: Major Nelson and X-Box 360 Press

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  1. I’m surprised it lasted this long, to be honest. The 360 has been out for, what, 4 years? It’s pretty impressive that Microsoft supported the original xbox live as long as it did. I mean, they could have been like EA, which recently yanked online support for most of its 09 sports titles.

    I bought an xbox the first month it was out back in 2001 (I think); played Halo 1 at my neighbor’s apartment and decided I HAD to have it. Never used xbox live, however. Endless online deathmatches really weren’t my thing. I did love Crimson Skies, though, but a lot of that came from the fact that I owned the board game it was based on.

    It would have been nice to see it continued. I remember being really bummed when Sega discontinued the Seganet servers for the Dreamcast, so I’m sure xbox players are feeling even worse right now.

  2. I agree with Zayven. Very impresseive that they’ve kept them up this long. I remember everyone groaning about STEAM when CS1.6 was released, and then the WON servers finally went down and they didn’t have a choice. Then they all realized how F’ing amazing STEAM is and no one complains (besides the occassional update).

    Looks like it’s time to move up a system, not that big of a deal considering the prices you can get a 360 at now.

  3. I had the original x-box. good times till it would not play two thirds of the time. had jade empire, kotor 1 and 2, plus halo 1 and 2, etc etc. to bad they dont play any more, so I am slowly rebuying my favorites on steam.

    So they are not letting people play their old X-Box games on the 360? I always like backwards compatibility, so this seems to be a mistake, on their part.

  4. [quote comment=”10176″]There just cutting old Xbox live, not the ability to play xbox classics on the 360, I think[/quote]

    If you click on the two links listed as sources, you will see that they are cutting the Xbox classics on the 360, as well.

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