Rumor: Final Fantasy XIV Coming to the XBox 360?

Final Fantasy 14We’ve known for quite some time that Final Fantasy XIII was going to be gracing Microsoft’s gaming console with its JRPG presence in 2010. In fact, just recently we’ve found out how many stinking discs the game is going to occupy when it finally releases for the 360. That’s three discs for those of you keeping score at home. Yes, more than Mass Effect 2. Gasp! Outrage!

Anyway, while we’ve known what the deal was going to be with Final Fantasy XIII, speculation still swirled around the next title in the long-standing series from Square-Enix. Final Fantasy XIV was a big announcement unleashed by Sony at E3 2009, along with the apparent promise of exclusivity. However, a recent LinkedIn profile from a Square-Enix employee suggests that the in-production MMO is going to see a simultaneous release of sorts on the XBox 360 as well. No, that has not been announced, but last year the RPG maker’s executives hinted that talks just might be in the works. While this seems like a genuine confirmation that the speculation is true, it could just be an honest mistake from an employee.

Honestly, this isn’t altogether too surprising, seeing as how many Japanese developers are doing everything they can to garner more of a Western audience, which means opening up to the XBox 360’s predominantly Western core. So what do you guys think about this? Excited? Reserved? Indifferent?

Source- 1UP and Siliconera

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7 thoughts on “Rumor: Final Fantasy XIV Coming to the XBox 360?”

  1. We have known it was going to be on the PC since E3. Square announced that shortly after the Sony press conference.

    And reports after that said they were working with Microsoft to get it on the 360, too. Honestly, after the initial excitement, I have always assumed it would simply be a timed exclusive and then move over to the 360, but if it comes out on all three right away, that’s fine with me. As long as I get it!

    In fact, the PC version has been in beta for a few months, I think.

  2. [quote comment=”10145″]FIXED IT I HOPE YOURE HAPPY ANTHONY.

    In other news, I actually really don’t even want to play this game that much.[/quote]

    Have you read anything about it? It sounds like a streamlined, MMO, that doesn’t always need a ton of people to play.

    1. I’ve only read a little. If it’s anything like FFXI I’m really just not interested. I’d like an FF game to be an actual FF game.

  3. [quote comment=”10151″]I’ve only read a little. If it’s anything like FFXI I’m really just not interested. I’d like an FF game to be an actual FF game.[/quote]

    It’s only like it in that it’s online. I will dig up some articles for ya.

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