GamerSushi Asks: What Type Of Character Do You Choose?

I was playing a number of games with my buddy Ben (Zayven on GamerSushi) the other day and we started to notice something: we always picked the same types of characters. During Streets of Rage 2 and 3, Zayven picked female characters and I always picked the most normal, non-dorky looking guys. Then we switched to Borderlands and the same thing happened.

I thought of our mutual friend, who always chooses weird, non-human avatars and I started to wonder if other gamers have a set type that they always choose, regardless of abilities or skills. And when making your own character, what do you do then?  So guys, what’s your typical character selection look like?

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  1. So…you played as Roland in Borderlands?

    Yeah, you and I are of the same mind Anthony. I always choose the most normal character. Even in Mass Effect 2, my custom Shepard is so normal looking that if you passed him on the street you wouldn’t look twice. (except for the spiderweb pattern of scars. Evil ftw!)

  2. Dont care about appearacne, only about cool abilities, like summoning loads of skeletons in Diablo 2. Otherwise I usually go for the sneaky, long ranged characters.

  3. I used to always play as a character who I thought looked ‘coolest’ when I was younger e. Hwoarang or Jin in Tekken. If the game has character customisation I just make a character I feel I can stand to look at for the duration of the game eg. My Fallout 3 character. If I have to choose from a roster of characters, I will choose a character who’s ability I like eg. Lilith (The Siren) in Borderlands. Phasewalk FTW!

  4. When I get to build my own character I always make them super stealthy and agile. I like sniper rifles and the sort… So I had to pick between the hunter or lilith in Borderlands. I chose the Hunter, not even realizing all the other skills I could make up the sniping part on lilith. Next time through, she’s my girl.

    In 3rd person games, I guess I care about what I look like, but in FPS ones it hardly matters (unless you’re playing online ). So in a game like Fallout 3, I was a bald chick. Sweet.

  5. Yeah, it’s definitely a trend for me; I almost always pick female characters. Especially if I have the freedom to make a character, it will be female 90-95% of the time unless it’s my second character and I want to consciously do something different (which is why my Demons’ Souls character is male). I remember when Super Street Fighter II came out and I went out of my way to learn how to fight with Cammy because I wanted to use a female character (I didn’t like Chun Li for some reason; never have). When I play a pen and paper RPG (Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, Shadowrun, etc) I almost always make a female character.

    I don’t know why I do this. It probably represents some deep seated fascination with the opposite sex and perhaps even a subconscious desire to experience being a woman (though, in this case, a woman who still takes on a culturally masculine role by engaging in physical confrontation). Too much information, I know. To go into it further would probably require therapy, but, hey, you asked.

  6. I always look normal. I’m video game self conscious. I made a really normal ME2 guy as well, but the scars… the terrible scars! But its worth it to be able to do whatever the hell i want.

  7. Love playing Zoey in L4D every now and then, and Jen Hale’s voice acting in Mass Effect makes her my evil bitch character. Otherwise I play the aesthetically cool looking guys

    Oh and Mortal Kombat? Scorpion all the way.

  8. For Fighters, especially Anime Fighters, I usually go with the cool protagonist or the weird freaky cool monster. My brother always plays as girls, and I naturally had to choose the other characters since back in the day. I just like weird monsters because…they’re awesome!

    For RPG’s, I go for the Fighter guy who still has some magic. I’ll get closer to a balance than just a bruiser.

  9. I tend to go for powerhouse characters. Lots of damage and damage resistance, though not always fast or sneaky. Played Roland in Borderlands as a heavy gunner, and usually go for barbarian classes in RPGs. Aesthetically I don’t really mind what the character looks like, as long as I get to bash some skulls.

  10. I tend to play the male Generic class. The one that has the most balanced abilities. For example;

    Borderlands – Roland

    ME2 – Soldier (Normal looking man as well)

    Oblivion – Breton (good balance of magic and fighting)

    If I don’t play the generic class, I’ll play a sniping class, but I’m in no-way a stealth-oriented person. It’s not in my nature. I’d much prefer to go toe-to-toe with an enemy than sneak around it.

  11. “If I don’t play the generic class, I’ll play a sniping class, but I’m in no-way a stealth-oriented person. It’s not in my nature. I’d much prefer to go toe-to-toe with an enemy than sneak around it.”

    Wait an minute, you prefer to go “toe-to-toe” with enemies but you like to play as a sniper?

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