GTTV’s Most Anticipated Games of 2010

I’m a fan of Gametrailers TV, though I don’t always get to watch it. It’s video game programming that’s not trying so hard, and just does a good job of covering games without trying to jazz anything up. I think we need more shows like that.

Anyway, last night they kicked off a brand new season with a bang, showcasing the most anticipated games of 2010. It really is nuts that the combo of last year and this year could make of for one of the best one-two punches we’ve had in recent memory. So many games, and so much excitement. So what games are you guys most excited about?

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13 thoughts on “GTTV’s Most Anticipated Games of 2010”

  1. Heavy Rain looks like a game for those that love a good story.

    Which, based on the popularity of Metal Gear Solid, isn’t many people.

  2. Forgive me Griever, but I believe MGS is one of the most popular series in gaming.
    For me, 2010 holds many joys:
    Heavy Rain
    BFBC2 (pre-ordered!)
    God of War 3
    MAG (may get later in the year)
    Spec Ops: The Line and
    Bioshock 2.
    I also eagerly wish to see Treyarch move with CoD7. I would personally like to see Vietnam after they did the Pacific front so well.

  3. Skuba,

    I think Griever was saying that the people who love Metal Gear Solid, which is many, obviously don’t care about a good story.

    I tend to agree.

  4. Misinterpreted the comment there, apologies Griever.
    Also, I will politely disagree with you. I feel that MGS’s overarching plot is, while bat-shit insane, a fun and well fleshed out story. Ridiculous, yes but that doesn’t stop people from enjoying Quiten Tarantino films.

  5. Careful skuba. Tarantino’s films are some of the best written and directed films around. Sure, Deathproof wasn’t all that great… but it also didn’t have Samuel L Jackson in it.. He’s Quentin’s lucky charm.

    Heavy Rain looks awesome and I’ve been waiting for Alan Wake for years. To find out that they’ll probably be console exclusives makes me mad. Max Payne was so much better on PC. Indigo Prophecy is one of the only games I can say that neither console or PC really had a control advantage because it was so unique. I loved it, and really want to play Heavy Rain – without buying a console.

  6. I think that there is still a lot of people who like a good story in there game. Look at Bioshock and Mass Effect, Knights of the old republic and such. I just wish that Heavy Rain and Alan Wake are available on the PC.

    and Julez, Planet Terror > Deathproof IMHO.

  7. @ Julez, to clarify: I love Quiten Tarantino films. I drew the comparison that Tarantino and Kojima have silly/genius minds with the ability to create OTT plots with a serious theme underneath. In MGS’ case: Anti-war.
    Also, I thought Inglorious Basterds did a good job without Samuel L. Jackson an I think Christoph Waltz made up for it.

  8. @ Gadfly Jim: I havent seen Planet Terror, but it wasn’t written OR directed by Tarantino, it was part of the Grindhouse double-feature. My point remains.

    @ SkubaPatrol: Inglorious Basters was another brilliant film – and Samuel L Jackon was the narrator during the scene explaining how the old film was flamable. Watch it again – it’s his voice. Similar to how he played “the coloured fellow who plays the organ” in Kill Bill. You only hear his voice (in Kill Bill vol II, you see the back of his head while he explains he can play whatever Uma and her groom want), but undoubtedly, it’s him. Don’t forget how amazing Reservoir Dogs was, without him AND with a budget of only 50 grand. Let’s get real here… 50 grand, and it is THAT good of a movie? All of a sudden I feel sorry for Avatar.

    Also Skuba, ain’t nothing “silly” about Tarantino. Kojima seems crazy because we don’t understand Japanese culture, and so the story seems largely convoluted. Tarantino specifically makes his films to reflect the “good ol’ days” of film making and reminds us of the nostalgiac classics.

  9. @ Julez, we continue to further go off topic : P
    I didn’t pick up on the VO in Inglorious Basterds or the organist in Kill Bill! I’d need to get Inglorious Basterds on BRDVD as I haven’t seen it since it was in the cinema.
    Also, silly was used purely for the lack of a better word. Would ‘exuberant’ be more fitting?

  10. I was excited for MAG, but I’m hearing some bad things. I think ill wait and see for Bioshock 2, and definitely get Red Dead Redemption. Am I the only one who loved GUN?

  11. [quote comment=”10087″]I was excited for MAG, but I’m hearing some bad things. I think ill wait and see for Bioshock 2, and definitely get Red Dead Redemption. Am I the only one who loved GUN?[/quote]

    I am actually surprised at all the goods things I hear about MAG

  12. I’ve heard from a few sites that it was pretty laggy and didn’t bring a lot of new things to the table. I’ll wait and see, though

  13. I loved GUN as well. I was just telling someone about it the other day after we watched a video feature on Red Dead Redemption. It looks more like a sequel to GUN than to Red Dead Revolver. Definitely one of the games I’m most excited about for this year.

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