Today’s WTF: Tony Hawk is a Glutton for Punishment

Poor Tony Hawk. Back in its heyday, the Pro Skater series of games were the best way to get on a skateboard and have fun without breaking your neck, but recent iterations of the franchise have been, well…less than stellar, to put it kindly.

After the massive failure that was the first Tony Hawk Ride, it appears that Mr. Hawk and the crew at Robomodo (the developers of the original) are more than willing to get back on the board and give it another shot; probably as a courtesy to those who paid upwards of $119.99 USD for the game and its peripheral. The skateboarding luminary, famous for his 900 degree revolution trick, recently Tweeted that he was in Chicago meeting with the studio about their next project.

The Tony Hawk games reached their zenith with the first Underground game and have been in a swift decline ever since, and I don’t think that Ride 2 (or whatever it will end up being called) has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning back those who were jaded by the first game.

I’m interested in one thing, though: has anyone here played THR, and was it as bad as it was made out to be? What do you think of the games themselves? Should they fade off quietly into the nether, or will Activision continue to pump them for all they’re worth? For fun, what was your favorite version? Answer away!

Source: ShackNews

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4 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Tony Hawk is a Glutton for Punishment”

  1. tony hawk 2 was the best for me, ahh the great times. i think the next project should just be an exact re-skin of an older game, like 2 or 3, and it should be available via xbl or psn

  2. I was just going to say what Anthony said. Tony Hawk’s 3 was awesome. On PS1 it was all about Grind Session.

    I have seen and heard too many bad things about the whole Ride idea for me to even give it a chance. I used to skateboard… when I play a VIDEO game, I like to sit in a sweet chair or on a couch, not stand on plastic.

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