GamerSushi Game Night Part Two: Halo for Haiti

There’s been a huge outpouring of support for Haiti from all over the world, but the Caribbean nation is still a disaster zone and more help is needed. For those of us who can’t contribute directly, Bungie Studios, makers of the hugely successful Halo series, is holding a charity where they will donate $100 per every thousand players on Wednesday January 20 and Thursday January 21.

Bungie is hoping to raise over $77,000 dollars, and we here at GamerSushi think that playing some Halo is a great way to assist in this noble cause. On Thursday January 21, we’re having another Halo 3 game night to benefit the humanitarian efforts in Haiti. It’s simple: all you have to do is log onto X-Box LIVE bearing a specific emblem (directions contained within this link) and your contribution will be counted.

Same deal as last time, Eddy (Pwnocchio) and myself (Lubeius) will be sending out invites at 7:30 pm CST (check your time zone here) so leave your Gamertag in the comments below. News about PC and PS3 Game Nights forthcoming, so don’t think we’ve forgotten about you!

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8 thoughts on “GamerSushi Game Night Part Two: Halo for Haiti”

  1. Im in this time, hopefully no time barriers, and i think im still on your friends eddy, but if not its G1ebe. with a one

  2. Bummed that I’ll be missing out again, but catching up with some friends from across the pond wins out. Gotta remember to log a game or two tonight.

  3. Damnit…I may not be able to make it tomorrow. I’ll certainly try, but I can’t make promises. 🙁

  4. I dont have school tomorrow so I’ll definately make it tomorrow couldnt make it last time

    GT: Rankune

  5. Sorry I cant play, i think my xbox live ran out, and i wouldn’t be able to connect anyways as i brought my xbox with me, but not my cords to connect to the wall/tv/internet. :S

    Hope you have fun, though!

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