GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?

Yikes. We haven’t done one of our fabled “Would You Rather” features since before the Fall, back around when Halo ODST came out. Now it is 2010, and we are wiser, stronger, faster and more future. What new insights have we gleamed?

In Would You Rather, I simply ask a series of questions, and you follow up with your answers. Give as much or as little explanation as you want for your choices, but we all know that we like to see the reasoning behind the madness.

Don’t let your answers suck, though. Your soul will be ousted and revealed for the excrement that lives inside of it. Poo!


Would you rather…

1. Pay less for a pre-owned game, or get more value (ie: day 1 DLC, pre-order bonuses, new levels or gameplay modes) for a full-priced purchase?

2. Find out everything you can about a new release, or go into it knowing absolutely nothing?

3. Wait ten years for next generation video gaming, or five years for a slight improvement to what we have?

4. Earn an unlock or special reward through hours of toil, or use a code to get it up front and enjoy it the entire time you’re playing the game?

5. Win a close online multiplier match, or absolutely crush the opponent?

6. Play a game with a waggle controller, a motion controlled game with no controller, or wear 3D glasses on your face while you play games? Gaming is heading in all of these directions, people!

7. Compete against gamers on other platforms when playing multi-platform titles, or do you like keeping each system separate?

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15 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?”

  1. In the spirit of participation, here are my answers first.

    1. If you’re unaware, this is the issue happening with Bioware right now. in order to dissuade people from buying the game used, they are trying to offer more value for the $60.

    I’m of two minds of this. On the one hand, I’d say, why don’t you just lower your prices, then? But that still doesn’t dissuade people from buying an even LOWER priced used game. So I’m going to have to go with the option that means more value for my money. A lot of people are complaining about the day 1 DLC, but honestly, if SOME game company is trying to make sure I’m getting more for my buck, then I’m happy to spend it on them instead of anyone else.

    2. I don’t really mind spoilers, so I’m all about seeing as much as I can typically. However, for certain games that revolve around story I have to back off. For instance, I know next to nothing about Mass Effect 2. And I like it that way. Next week!

    3. Wait ten years. I’m cool with this current gen, and I’d love to see it last until 2014 if it can. Keep the games coming, I’d say.

    4. I think I’d rather unlock it through hard work, though I do understand why others wouldn’t do it. For instance, my friend Daniel used a code when playing GTA IV that let him get a helicopter whenever he wanted. This eliminated the boring driving parts from the game. Incidentally, his experience with the game was much more positive than mine. Maybe he was on to something…

    5. Close online match. Some of my favorite memories are from matches that I barely won/barely lost, so I’m all about the exciting tooth-and-nail struggle.

    6. Man, I hate all of these options. If it came down to it, I’d rather do the one that kept gaming closest to what it is now. So, 3D glasses it is. *Shudder*

    7. While the idea of 360 gamers playing PC gamers is hilarious for PC owners (they would rock console users so bad in the FPS and RTS genres, really), I think it’s best to let everyone play separately. Too many jerks out there.

  2. 1. I saw that bioware commercial, but nothing like that is gonna convince me to preorder. I preorder cause i love the previous game, not because i get l33t gear.

    2. I generally avoid spoilers. I knew nothing about the MW2 airport mission, and i was surprised when i was standing in with a machine gun and a defenseless crowd.

    3. I can wait ten years. more time to get money right?

    4. I like working for things, its like a badge. Or not. See ” the six stupidest unlocks of all time”

    5. I lover close games. my favorite memory is when we were down by a kill in CoD4 and my friend RPGd two guys to win it. in a 3v3 match.

    6. Im fine with how things are run. But id rather not look like an arkham asylum escapee, so 3d glasses for me.

    7. I have enough flame wars on forums. I’d rather not incite them during games.

  3. 1) Not having seen the bioware ad, i cant relate my answer to that, but for me it depends on the game, if its something im desperate to buy as soon as possible then i want to get my moneys worth. But if its something i either havent noticed till well after it comes out, or only get after hearing about it from friends id be happy to pay less for it used and just get the basic package.

    2) Normally i like to go into a game knowing as little as possible, maybe having watched just 1 or 2 trailers. But for Mass Effect 2, i have been devouring trailers for characters, classes and anything else i could find. And i blame you Mitch, until you posted Tali’s trailer I’d managed to stay away from it all.

    3) Wait 10 years, as long as its a big enough leap forward for it to have been worth the wait.

    4) I’d rather earn it through hours of play, but again, as long as its worth it…maybe have the option of using a code if you find it too difficult to get.

    5) Most of the time I’d rather have a close match, then its not so bad when you lose, cause you know you have a good chance to win in the next round. Its no fun if your getting steamrolled the whole time, nor is it much fun if its too easy.

    6) As long as it fits the game, i can handle any option, but if i had to pick one i’d probably go with the glasses, but they’d need to be strong and not look like the cheap pairs you get at the movies.

    7) Definitely keep them separate, like glebe said, theres enough flaming and fanboyism on the net, and having it get into the games itself would be the first nail in the coffin of gaming i think.

  4. 1. The things described in the question, I don’t consider “value”, I consider it “what we left out of the original release.” Therefore, cheaper game = better value. It’s about the story people, like a borrowed book.

    2. New games: Everything I can. Sequels or Prequels: As little as possible.

    3. I play on PC. I’m in a constant Last gen / Way-ahead-of-it’s-time gen cycle.

    4. If I invest hours in a game, I want shock, I want twist, I want a piece of the story others won’t see. Not an avatar, costume or 9999lives and infinite ammo bandana ;).

    5. Close match. I watch and love hockey (kanehdian). I’ll take a close game over blowout any day.

    6. Like Eddy, I don’t like any option. I guess they all make me a bit uncomfortable. If I HAD to, it would also be 3D glasses.

    7. Again, Eddy said it best. PC gamers would destroy (for the most part) console gamers when it comes to shooters or RTS (I also think most other genres, but whaaatever). So I say, let them all play their own systems.

    I like when people are over and bust out the N64 and play Mario Kart and I do horribly. So, what do I say? I say “OH YEAH? Let’s slap on the SNES” and then I winz.. I winz a lot. To each his own!

  5. Yeaaah, answers time. As always I haven’t read anyone else’s as to not be swayed so sorry if I insult someone by calling a game they called awesome crap.

    1. I’m a sucker for pre order bonuses when they aren’t in game stuff. If I see a pre order for a game I had no interest in but you get a free figurine of someone from the game, I will pre order it 9 times out of 10. So full priced game with cool stuff. Not that I don’t like pre owned games, there’s just a game and a genre.

    2. Somewhere in the middle. I hate getting hyped up for anything other then valve releases. But I don’t exactly want to spend my money on a game I know nothing about. I will usually watch a trailer and check out a few screenshots but not read deep into it. If I HAD to pick one extreme then I would choose nothing at all and I would probably ask a friend if it was any good first.

    3. Wait ten years. Really doesn’t bother me because I’m a pc player and therefore don’t have to reply on generations of releases to upgrade my power! I would prefer the longest time possible before I have to listen to more console arguments.

    4. I hate cheating on a first play through so I would rather earn it. Although if I worked for ages and just ended up getting a different coloured t shirt or something I would be pretty pissed. If I know the code is just going to give me a silly hat then I will use it unless the hat is TOO silly.

    5. Close, all the way. Nothing will ever compare to the adrenaline rush you get from fighting your opponent off from every direction as the last few seconds tick down on the timer. Even when you loose you still feel really gratified. Crushing the other team is boring as hell, if I’m the crusher or the crushee I will call for a team shuffle.

    6. Wii, Eye Toy and 3d glasses. I’ve done all those things! I love the wii for certain games, the controls in the Conduit for example are amazing. The eye toy was ok, I’d rather have a physical controller in my hand. 3D glasses on the pc are pretty dam epic, mirrors edge was probably the best game for it. So any I guess but if I had to choose it would be the wii, or waggle controls. But not on the pc, you can take my keyboard when you rip it from my cold dead hands.

    7. 360 users on my platform? It’s more likely then you think.

    Keep it separate, I don’t fancy the 60% xbox 360 asshat percentage mixing with the pcs 20% asshats. I’ve played with 360 people who converted to pc and almost always completely crushed them ‘neath my mighty pc tread. I realize I kind of left out PS3 players here but do they even have online play? (burrrrrn)

  6. 1. Full Price is fine with me. I try not to be used games if I can help it.

    2. Find out everything. Spoilers don’t bother me.

    3.10 years, please. Money is too precious.

    4. It depends. In the case of GTA IV, I would rather wait and earn it. In the case of say, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, I used a code to unlock Hulk and Thor right away, as I knew I would not replay the game anytime soon.

    5. Close always feels better.

    6. Can’t answer this til I play a 3-D game.

    7. Multi-platform would rock.

  7. 1. Get more value for $60.

    2. Well, considering that I’ve been absorbing Mass Effect info like a sponge, I think I need to cut back.

    3. Ten years. I can barely afford meals, let alone a new console! (slight exaggeration)

    4. Use a code up front. Go to hell, Auditore Cape.

    5. Crushing an opponent is fun, but I like the thrills of a close match.

    6. None, please. 3D if I had to pick one.

    7. Keep it in the family. God, can you imagine if PS3/360 owners could go toe to toe? I shudder to think about the countless accusations of sexual deviancy.

  8. 7. I would definetly like at least an option for cross platform multiplayer. I have friends who have MW2 on Xbox while I have a PS3, it sucks that we can’t play. Though I wouldn’t want PC vs Console, I think Xbox and PS3 are similar enough to be cross platform.

  9. 1. I like getting more stuff for a game, so if the game is worth it, I’ll go for the Full Price.

    2. Is this really a question? Come on! Of course I’d buy without any info! [Lying]

    3. So 10 years for crappy motion control or 5 years for same old crap… Hmmm…I’ll make a time machine and go back to when Nintendo was still awesome. Those were good days of innovation.

    4. Well both are nice. Getting an awesome or just cool reward in a game is the reason we play, but just as long as there’s enough game left after getting the reward that I can enjoy the reward without having to just replay the game or something. Entering a code is sorta boring because going through the whole game with a reward is basically like cheating and you don’t get to experience the satisfaction of earning the reward.

    5. I’d rather have a close game that’s fun. I don’t want to be constantly dying and then barely win, or just barely lose at the end. Evenly matched teams competing is cool as long as there’s no bullschidt.

    6. Bust out my N64.

    7. Well it makes sense to separate consoles so you don’t have fanboys flaming over their Xbox 360 or PS3 headsets while you’re playing MW2 while PC gamers write text messages saying “SHUT UUPPPPPPPPPPPPPP”, so I say keep each console separate. If we could have one universal console, though, then that’d be a good solution to the plague of console fanboyism.

    I always love these WYR’s! Can’t wait for the next one!

  10. 1. Pay less for a pre-owned game. I’m poor man…

    2. Go into the game/movie/book/anything knowing absolutely nothing. I’m not big on spoilers.

    3. Wait ten years for next generation. This gen is just now maturing, lets stick w/ it for a while!

    4. Earning an unlock or special reward through hours of toil is worth the feeling when you finally get something awesome.

    5. Winning a close online multiplier match is more fun, but every once in a while it’s nice to crush someone.

    6. So either I have to get up and do shit or vomit from the nausea caused by 3D gaming? I’ll pass.

    7. I think it’d be cool to let 360 and PS3 players compete, but PC gamers need to stay away because they would crush console gamers.

  11. Damn Nick how about you just read my mind every time too so i don’t need to do any more typing than necessary. In my opinion you got every bit of those right. The only thing I’m concerned with is the cross platform fanboys but that’s easy enough to deal with.

  12. 1. I’m one to buy new games. I feel like I’m supporting the industry when I do that. Although my purchase of all console Oddworld games didn’t help much.

    2. I’d rather know nothing, especially where story is concerned. This is especially true for games I’ve been waiting for and will buy regardless, i.e. Mass Effect 2, FFXIII, GoWIII.

    3. I’m happy with what I have now, and would rather see a vast improvement after more time. Helps save money, too.

    4. Don’t use codes.

    5. Winning a close one is more exciting, but crushing someone is fun when it happens once in a while. In Demon’s Souls, I’ve experienced both. A great fight is always a good time, and I’ll send a message to the other player afterwards, regardless of the outcome. There’s nothing like the feeling of one or two-hit kills, though, just as long as it’s not too often and it gets boring.

    6. The waggle controller is enough for me. Seriously, the Natal looks pretty lame, and more of a gimmick than anything. 3D glasses don’t really allow for epic playing periods. But who knows, the Wii is far and away the best-selling system, so maybe the masses will swoon. It’s just a sore subject for hardcore gamers.

    7. Why shouldn’t I want to play with someone on a different system? Just makes it easier to find someone.

  13. 1. Get more value, definitely. I have always preferred a new game.

    2. Find out as much as possible WITHOUT giving away spoilers.

    3. 10 years, with stuff like Natal and NXE keeping things fresh in between.

    4. Well if everyone else has to achieve it the same way, I would prefer getting it through hard work, it’s much more rewarding.

    5. Win a close one, it’s much more exhilarating and fun, kinda like watching a football game.

    6. 3D Glasses with current controllers, but with motion game with no controller in close second.

    7. I couldn’t imagine a PS3 vs. 360 game lobby, considering all the jerks who play such games. It would always be a constant fanboy war.

  14. 1. Probably buy new as I generally get games on/close to launch day.

    2. Nothing/As little as possible. I was constantly avoiding every single preview, article, etc on Uncharted 2 and MW2 relating to single player. With Uncharted I was successful, but MW2 2 or 3 set pieces were brought to my attention. Roll on Heavy Rain.

    3. TEN!!!!!! I highly doubt that anyone would require me to list the reasons, but JIK. Development costs, developers finally getting the hang of current technology (even on PS3!) and £350 for a PS3 is still in the process of being justified. If Sony do 2010 like they did 2009 though, then they’re on course.

    4. Earn it. For the same reason I like trophies: I feel like I accomplished something and have something to prove for it.

    5. A mixture of both. On one hand, pulling a match together at the last minute feels great. On the other hand, beating the crap out of a full group/clan in Mosh Pitt feels amazing especially after the initial smack talk about how our asses will be served to us. Ah, the joys of irony.

    6. Waggle-mote. Natal puts me off because I, like seemingly everyone else, am too damn lazy to jump around the room. 3D also doesn’t appeal to me as 3D has yet to prove to me that it isn’t just a gimmick. I saw Avatar and, IMHO, the 3D was pointless. I was more impressed with the CGI when it truly shone.

    7. I t would be interesting for PS3/360 users as I could play against my cousins and friend who have 360s. PC gamers would be slaughtered as we use our superior analogue sticks! I jest, in fact I wish more PS3 games supported WSAD. Or is it WASD? Please do tell.

  15. 1: I lean towards used. The vast majority of games just aren’t worth their full price. But I don’t mind coughing up the dough for a game I feel is a worthwhile investment.

    2: Given the aforementioned price issue, I’d rather know as much as possible going in, though ideally I’d like to avoid story spoilers.

    3: I’d much rather wait ten years because you get better value out of the current generation.

    4: Depends on the type of game; it’s fine when it’s an essential part of the game design like the Metroid series, but I’m definitely not in support of unlockables that are simply there to artificially increase replay value or force you to invest an inordinate amount of time to access some in-game ability that should have been available from the first level.

    5: I want to crush people and don’t mind saying so. In fact, I think all of you would prefer to crush people but won’t admit it because you don’t want to sound like jerks.

    6: Waggle gets a bad rap. It can be implemented well, whereas the other two technologies are completely untested and too expensive to implement on a wide scale anytime soon. (Yes, I know about Natal…and I also know that less than 10% of 360 owners will buy it)

    7: A nice idea in theory, but I agree with those of you who are afraid of the fanboy war aspect. I mean, people will be organizing 360 vs. ps3 matchups constantly as if it actually meant something. On the plus side, maybe ridiculing someone’s console preference will replace the ridiculing of their sexual preference…but considering the emotional maturity of most of these people, perhaps not.

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