Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition: Jill Valentine Trailer

You all know of my great devotion to Resident Evil 5 as one of the best games of 2009. It’s seriously one of the only titles this generation that has made me want to play it over and over, even after beating it multiple times.

That’s why I’m pumped about the release of RE5 gold edition, with extra chapters that will also be available via DLC. Both the gold edition and DLC chapters come out on March 9th. There’s a new trailer out that kind of rules. Will anybody else pick up either of these?

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4 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition: Jill Valentine Trailer”

  1. Won’t be getting it, but that’s kinda cool that they are adding those new levels. That game already had tremendous replayability, I still remember getting 1000 on that.

  2. So many games to buy, so little money… I’ll probably pick this around May, when my birthday comes around.

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