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There are times when our little pasttime doesn’t seem as important and this is one of these. The earthquake in Haiti may have killed as many as 50,000 people. Such a figure boggles the mind. Imagine going to an NFL game and everyone in the stadium were suddenly gone forever.

Though we are all facing financial hardships right now, if you can spare anything, here is a link that lists dozens of charities that are currently devoted to helping the injured in Haiti. These are the legit ones, not the Hollywood telethons that always end up with unused funds. Even $5.00 is a huge help in a time like this, but please do not feel any pressure at all.

If you are so inclined go to this webpage and pick one that sites and let’s hope we can make a difference for someone out there.

Charitable Foundations Helping Haiti

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  1. Donated with the American Red Cross last night and would definitely encourage others to do the same if you are feeling so inclined. Can’t really wrap my head around such an awful tragedy.

  2. It’s just awesome – in the frightening meaning of the term – how an entire city can be utterly annihilated in a matter of minutes. Absolutely obliterated.

    Once my dad gets his next check from unemployment, we’re donating some money to several charities. I’m so glad that the US and the rest of the world is responding to the quake so rapidly and reflexively. I think we’ve learned a bit about response time from Katrina.

  3. I know some people who are missionaries out there and what we have herd from them is really quite sobering, I cannot imagine what it must be like to see your neighbor’s house collapse knowing they are still inside. I am definitely going to be donating towards this.

  4. I saw a number earlier (don’t remember) that you can text and the donation to the Red Cross is added instantly to your phone bill if anyone would like to donate the least labor intensive way.

  5. @ SK Beans And everybody.

    This is what you were referring to:

    “Canadian cell phone users can text message “Haiti” to 45678 to contribute $5 to the Salvation Army’s relief effort. They will then receive a follow-up text asking for confirmation, and must text back ‘yes’ in order for the donation to go through.

    UPDATE: The Salvation Army said Friday it has received more than $50,000 in text message donations since Thursday afternoon. However, an analysis of the donations shows that number could have been three times as high, but many people did not text ‘yes’ to confirm their donation, said Andrew Burditt, a spokesperson for the organization. ”

    -CTV News

    If you guys are canadian like myself, this is a great way to donate and just pay it on your phonebill if you don’t have Paypall/Credit Cards/Cheque Book.

    Keep them in your hearts.

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