Geek Out Over Early Halo: Reach Scans

Like it or lump it, there’s no denying that one of 2010’s biggest titles will be Halo: Reach, Bungie’s (supposed) final game in the Halo series. The next issue of Game Informer was confirmed last week to include a bunch of new information on the upcoming sci-fi shooter, and some kind soul has seen fit to scan an advanced copy onto the internet. The scans are fairly clear considering that they’re straight off a magazine, and I have to say that the game is looking sharp. The infamous “ugly-people” produced by the Halo 3 engine are gone, and the marines in Reach look like actual futuristic grunts as opposed to cartoon characters. Speaking of Grunts, the Covenant species have been given a face-lift and there’s one new type of enemy confirmed, a Jackal look-alike of some sorts.

The article expands upon the setting and the various characters and there’s a lot of info for Halo canon nerds (like myself) to obsess over. Go check out the scans and tell us you thoughts!

Source: All Games Beta

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4 thoughts on “Geek Out Over Early Halo: Reach Scans”

  1. I have been a subscriber to GI since 2001 and they’ve had great covers and exclusives the entire time, this one is no different.

  2. I might be the only one, but I think Bungie needs to move on from the Halo series, they were great, get a new IP. They unnecessarily destroyed the story and I am getting annoyed that they are milking the same cash cow that all play the same.

  3. @Mitch: Halo ‘canon’ or Halo ‘cannon’??

    XD – I jest and digress.

    + I thought the cartoon(ish) characters were the best part of Halo?… hmm. Interesting twist on your part!

  4. @Julez Canon’s the right word. 😉

    In regards to your second point, I always felt that the “Saturday Morning” feeling I got from the Halo enemies has been getting more and more pronounced since the series has gone on. One of the things I liked about ODST was that the enemies were actually intimidating. I’d like to see a return to form there.

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